My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote this morning as my mind reeled after learning that the new lean-and-mean General Motors will have fewer total workers than GM employed in the town of my birth less than 30 years ago:

  • Jason’s plan has hit a minor snag.
  • The Big Unit doesn’t think he’ll be the last to 300 wins.
  • Yes, Yankee Stadium is dingerrific, but it’s no Coors East.
  • Nuke ‘em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
  • The Astros say they’ll be buyers at the deadline. That sounds like a smart move given the talent this team has to deal and its place on the success cycle.
  • Finally, Joe Torre and Jim Tracy do not take the same approach to blame.
  • I plan on posting all afternoon, but if there is any delay, it’s because I’m busy exploring the concept of large-scale urban agriculture in Genesee County, Michigan.

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    1. handwasher said...

      I love you Craig, for your consistently excellent movie quoting/referencing.  The baseball stuff is cool, too.

    2. MJ said...

      One of my favorite comments regarding the bug(s) incident, from Tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Ridiculous upside on RAB

      Seriously, is Cleveland the freaking portal to Hades? Why is this stadium cursed with locusts and ravens and ####? Is Yahweh going to turn Lake Erie into a pool of blood next?

    3. Richard in Dallas said...

      About Yankee Stadium’s plague of HR’s:
      Keep in mind, the Rangers, who lead the world in HR’s year after year, are rolling in to the new headquarters of the Evil Empire tonight for the first time.  Talk numbers to me on Monday……

    4. Richard in Dallas said...

      About Manny:
      I’m so glad Joe moved over to the less insane zoo on the left coast. I always felt bad about hating him because he wore pinstripes every day.

      I have to say it’s good to see that there are actual fans of the game voting on all-star ballots. I guess that the cocaine and boob job set is still preoccupied with the NBA finals. Hopefully, it’ll go 7 games, and keep their attention diverted away from baseball long enough for Manny to drop even further in the polls…

    5. George said...

      In regards to a starting pitcher’s ability to earning a win being easier in either league (someone in the nbc comments said something about using some high-end metrics) wouldn’t it be pretty easy to look back over the last 20 (or whatever)years and see the wins/start of pitchers in each league?  Or is that too simple in our current era of “I’m smarter than you” sabermetrics?

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