My Morning in Exile

I just sent a brief down to court that may or may not get me held in contempt. I don’t plan on going to jail today, but in the off chance I do, you can enjoy these posts until my bosses come up with my bail money:

  • If want Vicente Padilla, you can have Vicente Padilla.
  • Jose Reyes is going to be out a while. I’ve got “trade for Carlos Lee” in the “How will Omar overreact” pool.
  • Adam LaRoche fails at being a team leader.
  • Dick Jacobs has passed away. Progressive Insurance would be possessed of massive quantities of win if they allowed the ballpark’s name to revert back to Jacobs Field.
  • Jim Bowden was even more incompetent than many of us realized.
  • Finally, should we care about all of the homers in Yankee Stadium if the fans don’t?
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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Forty five thousand fans in a down economy and high ticket prices can’t be wrong!  What if they had built it like Citifield? If there were not the comedy of errors that the other team has, everyone would fall asleep.
      Is it anywhere near your birthday?  I’ll send you a cake (with a file)

    2. Grant said...

      The worst thing about LaRoche’s bitching is that McLouth isn’t that good. As Law pointed out, he basically had two awesome months a year ago and has been decidedly mediocre since. He’s a lousy defensive center fielder and a decent hitter. Three decent prospects for him is pretty decent.

    3. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

      Real shame about Padilla. I’ve probably seen every start of his in the last two years either in person or on TV, and some of the time – no, a lot of the time, he didn’t seem to have a clue about what was going on, or what he was doing. Victor Rojas would often dress him down in his game commentary last year, asking out loud, “what is he doing, throwing that pitch, to that hitter…”. Like a lot of borderline big-league throwers, when he was on and had his stuff, he was brilliant. He’s thrown a handful of games that were gorgeous, but for every one of those, he threw five that stunk the place up. He’ll probably get picked up by somebody, but I’m kinda glad The Rangers dropped him.

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