My Morning in Exile

It’s been a a better blogging day than yesterday. I credit the 75 pages of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy I read before I went to bed last night. It always inspires:

  • The Astros are gouging their fans.
  • More musings on what a thoughtfully renovated Tiger Stadium could have meant.
  • Scouting is a tough gig.
  • Mark Shapiro speaks well of his former Padawan.
  • Go Timmons! Get stupid! It’s your birthday!
  • Barry Bonds is back on the market, ladies. The line forms to the left.
  • More blogging in a few minutes, but for the time being I’ve been ordered to be on a conference call. Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take a conference call. Call that job satisfaction? ‘Cos I don’t.

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    1. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

      I can’t seem to get anything to post over at The Peacock, but I just wanted to chime in and share that sneaking food into Astros games has been a long-standing Houston Baseball Tradition, ever since Judge Hofheinz threw the doors open to The Dome, way back when.  They’ve had this stand about bringing things in to the stadium since day one, and frugal baseball fans have been stashing candy and popcorn under shirts and ponchos ever since.  It’s all part of the game, baby.

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