My Morning in Exile

Some technical wonkiness cut in to this morning’s NBC blogging. Everything looks cool over there now, but if posts start disappearing over there again, I’ll just post them over here I guess. For now, though, these posts remain readable:

  • The Seattle Times’ Geoff Baker is a total badass, and if you don’t believe it, he’ll tell you. However, I don’t think he can tell you why it’s OK for a newspaper reporter to engage in baseless steroid speculation but it’s not OK for a blogger to do it.
  • If I had to guess, I’d say that Stephen Strasburg is more likely to be worth $50 million than Matthew Stafford, so why isn’t anyone saying that the world is ending because of pro football bonuses? And I don’t even wanna talk about soccer (though thanks to reader Rob, I do).
  • Keith Hernandez says that Willie Randolph lost the Latins last year. I guess that means that Randolph won’t be driving Mex to the airport.
  • I also double posted the Adenhart thing because I wasn’t sure if the blog was actually working. So you see, it was kind of a lost day for me over there. It may be a lost afternoon here too, as I have a lot of legal work on my plate. But do check back, because I’m sure I’ll slide in a post or four anyway, because that’s just what I do.

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    1. tadthebad said...

      I don’t know, Craig.  I read plenty that establishes how ridiculous NFL bonuses to rookies are, especially as compared to many NFL veterans.  It’s a touchy subject and probably a sticking point for the NFL’s next CBA. 

      As for the Ronaldo posting…wow.

    2. MJ said...

      Soccer contracts are completely different than baseball/football so it’s not an apples to apples comparison.

      re: the Geoff Baker article, wow that guy really likes himself huh?  Congrats on destroying a man’s career over lying about serving in Vietnam.  Hope you can sleep well at night.

    3. APBA Guy said...

      Real Madrid, like the other major soccer clubs, has incredible annual income. Still, making those offers and actually obtaining the players are two different things.

    4. Pete Toms said...

      Rookie compensation in the NFL is a contentious matter, more so within the player ranks (vets vs new draftees, same is happening in MLB) than PA vs. owners.  There is a rookie salary cap in the NFL but it obviously has not stemmed record contracts for the newly drafted.

      First round picks (in either sport and I’m guessin basketball also) command the big, big dollars because it has been proven over time that they outperform players picked in later rounds.  Yes, there are busts but…overall a greater proportion of All Stars / All Pros – however you wanna measure it – come from the first round than later rounds.

    5. Greg Simons said...

      I can’t believe Geoff Baker thinks he set back the entire Toronto franchise several years with his story on Tim Johnson.  Arrogance apparently knows no bounds.

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