My Morning in Exile

For reasons that aren’t important, I spent a little time counting last night, and found that since I began this blog, I’ve written, 2,325 posts at the old Blogspot site, 1,184 posts on THT (including this one), and 318 posts on the NBC site. I guess I’m good and warmed up now, so it’s probably time to start blogging in earnest.

  • Tom Glavine says he’s done for the year, but I presume that means forever.
  • The Yankees do their fans a solid.
  • I like Bill Simmons’ latest column, but let’s all acknowledge that baseball has never truly been “pure.”
  • Did Ken Rosenthal make the Nationals keep Manny Acta longer than they wanted to?
  • The Cubs are still for sale. Refresh this headline every six months as needed.
  • A glimpse into life in a baseball academy in the Dominican Republic.
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    1. J. McCann said...

      Maybe they should have sold the Cubs to someone with actual money?  I don’t want to say who, as that is up to them, but there is a guy that rhymes with Duban.

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