My Morning in Exile

A butterfly flaps its wings in South America; a beer truck overturns, losing its precious cargo; Ed McMahon dies. Some may call it chaos. I think that these are directly-related phenomena . . .

  • Clint Hurdle takes Marcellus Wallace’s advice regarding pride.
  • The Braves are no longer America’s team. Well, they never really were, but they’re no longer even pretending that they are.
  • The Diamondbacks are selling pitching.
  • The Phillies are looking to buy some pitching but claim they can’t find any. If only there was a blog they could read that could solve their problems . . .
  • Does this make you happy? If so, it can’t be that bad.
  • Finally, this is what it’s like for Braves’ fans to take the brown acid.
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    1. DonCoburleone said...

      Craig I love your site(s) and man you definately are a Braves fan.  I am exactly like you in that I grew up watching the Braves on TBS so they became my team.  I read your stuff all the time and this is my first time posting so I want to make 1 request and I will never ask for anything from you ever again: Please, for my sanity, DO NOT EVER BRING UP THE 1996 WORLD SERIES AGAIN.

    2. Matt J. said...

      He’s not Erik Bedard or Jake Peavy, but why doesn’t Amaro give Andy MacPhail a call about Jeremy Guthrie? He’s had a rough year but I think his stuff plays up in the NL and the O’s are certainly not in contention. It’s probably because I’m from Baltimore but I think Guthrie makes a ton of sense for the Phils.

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Ain’t he though?  I’m actually surprised that there aren’t more like him. I mean, there are lots of people operating with lower cranial capacities over there, but that’s God and nature’s fault. As far as I can tell, Hot Rod is the only malignant jackass among commenters.

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