My Morning in Exile

Bucky Dent is nice, but I was really hoping for a Joe Shlabotnik . ..

  • Contrary to popular belief, Matt Wieters is not omnipotent. Indeed, he’s not even monopotent these days.
  • Milton Bradley may cause a lot of problems, but trying to draw walks doesn’t seem like it should be listed as one of them.
  • The Cubs should release Carlos Zambrano. In Bizarro World.
  • Call me crazy, but I like to be aware that a baseball game is happening when I go to the ballpark.
  • Mets and Yankees fans have forgotten how to taunt.
  • Finally, Gary Matthews Jr. isn’t a deadbeat dad, but he’s certainly not that generous a one either.
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    1. BadgerBadgerBadger said...

      Psst…in the Wieters column, you say “listed” instead of “listened” in the 2nd paragraph.

    2. lar said...

      From that same Peanuts series that you linked to:

      Linus, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy are all seated at a table, waiting for Joe Shlabotnik to arrive to the sports banquet they paid to attend.
      Linus: Where’s Joe Shlatbonik?
      Charlie Brown: He’ll be here! When Joe Shlabotnik says he’s going to do something, he does it! I remember one game last year… He came up to bat in the ninth inning, and said he was going to hit a home run…
      Linus: Did he?
      Charlie Brown: No, he popped up… But he ran it out!
      Linus: I’m glad you have faith in your hero, Charlie Brown
      Charlie Brown: He’ll be here… He probably stopped to fix a flat tire on some elderly person’s car..

      Good stuff.

    3. BadgerBadgerBadger said...

      Also, in your Bradley column; 3rd paragraph: “It’s be one thing.”

      -your friendly neighborhood badger

    4. Will said...

      While we’re editing, the following sentence seems awfully comma heavy.
      “Kent Hrbek, gushing about, Target Field, the Twins’ future home: ”

    5. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Thanks for the heads up on the typos, folks. Sorry about all of them today.  I’m just not too focused for some reason.

    6. APBA Guy said...

      Wieters struggles should surprise no one. It is a HUGE leap from college to pro ball, and a second huge leap to the Majors from AA/AAA. He did both in a year.

      My nephews are or have been coached by Mike Stanley and Joe Oliver, two good defensive catchers in their day. The amount of work they put my nephews through to make them better catchers is amazing, and they’re just in AAU level ball. Wieters is having to absorb an awful lot, stuff that we’re watching on the big stage that most guys normally would be working through in front of a couple hundred minor league fans. He looks like he has all the tools, but like most college kids, his swing needs to shorten and become more direct, and he still has defensive technique flaws that college level talent can’t exploit, but big leaguers certainly can. He should get there, but that really depends in his case on his desire.

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