My Morning in Exile

In terms of posts it was a slow morning, but the morning itself was anything but slow. In the wake of that alleged list of the 2003 steroid test positives, I put on my reporter hat and actually called sources and cross checked and wrote stuff down and everything. That’s hard work! Someone please remind me of that the next time I slam a reporter for something. For now I’m returning to blogging because that is WAY easier.

  • Roto Info’s list has been officially debunked. Someone may have done it before me, but I did my own independent debunking here.
  • My dad is a retired weatherman for the National Weather Service. His oldest joke is that he picked the perfect profession because where else can you be so wrong all the time and still get paid? Answer: you can be Scott Boras.
  • Behold my second — and last — use of the term “Lincecawesome.” At least for a while.
  • Finally, I really didn’t want to think about Jeff Francouer’s underwear this morning, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t anyway.
  • And in case you’re curious: my “reporters’ hat” is a throwback Braves number with the lowercase “a” and a “press” card taped to the brim.

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    1. Brian said...

      I thought for sure the anecdote about your old man was leading to something about Steve Phillips…

    2. lar said...

      I’m just impressed, Craig, that you know enough people to have “spoken with someone who is definitely in a position to know about the veracity of the list” and that this person knows that “there are multiple names that aren’t on it that would be if this was the real McCoy and vice-versa”.

      Heck, I’m even surprised that there is someone out there period who knows the list that well. I wonder how unique this person is. Because, you know, the more people who know about the list, the more likely it is that it’ll be leaked.

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      I think there are probably a lot of people who know the list. There are at least 104 players affected by it directly, of course, and there’s the ongoing legal action regarding the government’s seizure of the list in the BALCO case, and all of that makes for a lot of lawyers and others privy to it.  I’m not saying who in all of that business my source happens to be, but they, like many others, do know of the contents of the list.

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