My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while trying to decide whether it would worse to be a lawyer handling the Michael Jackson estate or a lawyer having to tell this woman’s family that, no, there probably isn’t a viable products liability lawsuit coming out of this. Wait, that’s crazy. Guys will be lining up to file that lawsuit, and this time next year your thermostat will have a 36-point font:

  • The Cubs: Jimmy Stewart :: Jeff Baker: Kim Novak
  • Don’t be ridiculous, of course you’re going to cheer for Manny Ramirez.
  • Can anyone refresh my memory as to why Braves fans would boo Gary Sheffield? And don’t say “because he’s a d*ck,” because Jason already said that.
  • There’s another possibility we might consider. Raimus might be trying to defect.
  • Mommy’s alright, Daddy’s alright, they just seem a little weird . . . surrender, surrender . . .but don’t give yourself away.
  • I shall call him . . . Mini-me!
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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      I don’t recall any reaction to Sheffield during the Subway Series.  He had waited til after the Tiger’s trade to shoot off his mouth about Torre which put him on ignore with Yank fans.
      From what I hear from TigerFanRob, he and his wife were a big part of the Motown community, and it seems there was disappointment about his trade to the Mets, where he seems to be the only one on the offense side left.

    2. Jack Marshall said...

      Kay’s job is to call the game in an entertaining way, for the benefit of the fans. He was an ass to criticize the Giant announcers, as was Steiner. That said, I would not cheer for Manny if I were Dodger fan, just as there are elected officials of our government I will not support or respect while always wanting the itself nation to prosper and succeed. I think your conclusion that the fact that most people don’t bother to sort these things out—-which is undeniably true—-proves that PED use is “trivial” doesn’t follow. Low priority to most people? That I’ll agree with, absolutely. But low priority and trivial are very different things.

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Wow, I copied and pasted that directly from the IMDB memorable quotes page, which means (a) whoever typed that got it wrong; and (b) I shouldn’t trust IMDB.  Oops.

    4. Greg Simons said...

      Thanks for the Cheap Trick reference, Craig.  Great band that simply has fun and brings joy to its fans.  BTW, they have a new album out, and while it’s not “Live At Budokan,” it has some good songs.

      @Dr. Paisley – funny!

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