My Morning in Exile

Things to read when you realize just how rough it is out there in the big, big world:

  • New Yorkers fail to bring the hate.
  • He said-he said re: the Jeter tag.
  • Kenny Williams is miffed that White Sox fans wouldn’t overpay to watch the Dodgers when they were in town.
  • Stan Conte will have his revenge on San Francisco.
  • Adam Dunn ain’t goin’ anywhere. Which is good, because he’s a little winded right now and would like to just sit awhile.
  • Finally, the post which may or may not get me in trouble with women. Could go either way, really.
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    1. J.W. said...

      Reporter: Derek, John Hirschbeck went on the record yesterday stating that Foster told him that what he said to you was “the ball beat you and I had him tagging you.” What’s your response to that?

      Jeter: “Well he remembers saying one thing, I remember hearing another, these things happen, you know. Ultimately it’s all about playing the game right, taking it one game at a time and focusing on playing hard as a team and winning as a team. I’m just lucky to be surrounded by a good group of guys. It’s great to know that Joe was willing to come out there and stick up for his guys. Really lit a fire under us. We’re clicking as a team right now, playing smart baseball. Everyone’s out there hustling their butts off and I think you’re seeing the results on the field, and that’s what it’s all about.”

      Derek off the record: “That lying mother *%*^*#er, he can kiss my rich, beautiful *&(*&$)(*& A$$!”

    2. Jake said...

      if there is a formula that will predict what happened to Ryan Dempster, I would love to see it.

      I think one of the independent variables is the butterfly population of China.

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