My Morning in Exile

I should call it my morning in Hell. I got four posts in over at the Blue Network when I was dragged into a meeting that probably didn’t need my presence. Two hours later and I’m just now emerging, and no, I am not a better man because of it. And guess what? At 1pm, I have another meeting! Fabulous!

  • Neyer’s all-time All-Stars are pretty fun, and they have the added bonus of showing us how stupid the every-team-gets-a-representative rule truly is.
  • The Dominican; she is complicated. This is a longish post, so maybe it makes up for only having four this morning.
  • Baseball is getting an eye in the sky. Note: the the video and graphics attached to the linked New York Times article came from analysis that THT’s own Mike Fast did as a consultant for Sportvision last year, which is pretty damn spiffy. I hope he’ll still talk to us now that he’s famous.
  • Finally, ‘Da Meat Hook may not be as ready to play as I suggested yesterday. I still think someone should make him a coach, however.
  • 1pm meeting notwithstanding, I have a lot of items in the queue, and I will be back and blogging this afternoon.

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    1. Scott said...

      Requiring one National… why would you take Chad Cordero’s season over Alfonso Soriano going 40/40?

      Or back to the expos when Vlad went 39/40.

    2. tadthebad said...

      RE: Dominican age issues.  Unless I misread (certainly a possibility), you state that age misrepresentation is a legal problem.  However, I’d be interested to get the KLaw’s take on that.  I would suspect that age misrepresentation presents problems for scouts/baseball ops people who are trying to project the potential of prospects, Dominican or otherwise.

    3. Andy H. said...

      I like the every-team-gets-a-representative rule.  The game is for all of MLB and Nats and Royals fans ought to have something to root for too, even if only during the player introductions. 

      I’m not in favor of the unwritten every-player-has-to-play rule.

    4. Joao said...

      I know plenty of Dominicans (ok, two), who hate it when gringos call the Dominican Republic, The Dominican, saying it is akin to people calling our country, “The United”.  I know others (ok, one, and that is the extent of my Dominican acquitances) who don’t care, particularly because in Spanish they call it “La Dominicana”.  Can we get a ruling here from someone on whether it is appropriate to call it just ‘The Dominican’? (FWIW, the short version sounds wrong to my ears).

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