My Morning in Exile

Welcome to one of the slowest days in baseball. Everyone who makes news and everyone who writes news is either on a plane or waiting to takeoff. Amazingly, I found some stuff to blog about this morning:

  • Pedro to Philly. I predict that the hype of this move will outweigh the competitive impact of this move by a factor of about a zillion.
  • The Braves may trade for Matt Holliday, but if they do, they best get a better deal than the one O’Brien’s talking about.
  • Stephen Strasburg: “I haven’t heard from the Nationals.” Also, I offer some negotiating advice for Mike Rizzo.
  • Fred Wilpon was bilked out of way more money than anyone thought. Anyone except Larry King, anyway. And speaking of Larry King: Say what you want about your other vegetables, but in my book, nothing beats asparagus . . . What ever happened to variety shows? Flip Wilson, now there was an entertainer . . . Got a pair of black brogues yesterday, and I feel like a million bucks . . . Caller, do you have a question for Dane Cook about the hostage crisis? . . . Call me crazy, but I’ve been putting skim milk in my coffee for a year now, and I can’t notice the difference . . .
  • One day, when the continent stands decimated by the effects of the great U.S.-Canadian War, people will struggle to remember what caused it all. If any of us survive until that time, we will know. Oh, we will know.
  • Finally, Bob Gibson makes all kinds of sense about steroids. And you know he’s being honest because he’s Bob freakin’ Gibson and he doesn’t give a diddly durn what you think.
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    1. Pete Toms said...

      Albeit the news is obviously slow here because it is summer, the ASG “snub” of Canada is a “news” story here.  The conservative news talk radio here this morning was plugging it as a conversation point for this mornings call in show.  But, for some perspective, the biggest news story of the week here is Shannon Tweed.  The acting Mayor (the elected Mayor is on the sidelines because of his ongoing trial over influence peddling) wanted today (or yesterday) to be Shannon Tweed day.  She is a former resident and is in town with KISS.

      Anyway, I don’t think we should be so smug, Montrealers booed The Star Spangled Banner this spring.  And, we need to stop caring so much about what our neighbours to the south think.  Nothing gets our attention (well, English Canadians) more than how we are treated by the US.

    2. Jim D. said...

      Craig…Strasburg would have to sign a waiver agreeing to be picked by the same team, that’s why the Nationals couldn’t select Crow this year.

    3. puck said...

      Wilpon lost $700 million to Madoff?  Did he have that much cash to invest?

      How crazy is it to trust that much to a single person?

    4. APBA Guy said...

      That Larry King spoof was hilarious. But Dave O’Brien topped it with Escobar and prospects for Holiday and Cabrera.

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