My Morning in Exile

Things to read while you realize that high-volume blogging is a lot more like running a radio broadcast than it is like writing . . .

  • Jon Heyman said that the Mets rejected a reasonable Roy Halladay deal.
  • Wait, no they didn’t. Heyman is full of it.
  • In light of all of that, I’m a little more prepared to believe Adam Rubin at the Daily News than Heyman on this one.
  • Oh, and no matter what Gammons says, the Phillies don’t need Halladay.
  • OK, enough about Halladay. Let’s talk steroids and the Hall of Fame!
  • Too controversial? Fine, let’s just talk about how Jose Guillen sucks, because everyone agrees on that. And I mean everyone.
  • OK, go ahead caller . . .

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    1. George said...

      “because in the past 30 years, the only starting pitcher acquired midseason to win a World Series game was St. Louis’ Jeff Weaver in 2006,”

      Joe Blanton was aquired midseason by the phillies last year and won a world series game.

    2. YankeesfanLen said...

      Len from Jersey…thanks for taking the call.
      I’ve got a friend in Cincy that said he read a blog from Anaheim that said someone twittered him about Ichiro and Mauro going to the Cards, he had heard it from the bat boy from the Rockies, so you can count on it.

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      D’oh!  Good catch George.  That’s what I get for going off of a 2008 article and not updating.

    4. Pete Toms said...

      I don’t think the Phillies need him either.  They should win the East or be the WC winner with what they have.  And yes the playoffs, particulary Rd 1, are a crapshoot.

    5. michael standish said...

      Given that Hall of Fame arguments so typically devolve into the sort of weirdness that hasn’t been seen since the Playboy Jazz All-Stars (where you’d see, say, Miles Davis alongside Harry James) why [spoiler alert for the Shyster: yet another J.P.Donleavy quote], “For the honey-drenched mercy of Christ,” are we talking about this?

      If this sort of energy went into hateful screeds about whether Steven Tyler was better looking than Michael Jackson, everyone involved would be (quite rightly) embarassed.

      You know, ashamed the next morning in the cold light of day, like Lon Chaney in the werewolf movies.

      Just a thought.

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