My Morning in Exile

In case you don’t read the comments that often, there’s a fantastic Star Wars conversation happening in “And That Happened.” I’m preoccupied with the OSHA violations on the Death Star, Lar worries about whether C-3PO was unfair to R2 when he left him after the escape pod crash-landed, and everyone wants to know whether or not the Jawas were required to give Uncle Owen a replacement mech-droid after R5-D4’s motivator went kaplooie. We’re dealing with a sh*t here.

  • Omar is out of control.
  • Dice-K is not too happy with the Red Sox training methods; will soon go back to “paint fence,” “sand floor,” and “wax on, wax off” methods in efforts to regain All-Valley Pitching championship.
  • Nothing continues to happen in the Roy Halladay sweepstakes, and so many other pitchers have joined the market that my guess is nothing will.
  • Oh, and Ricciardi’s deadline of tonight for dealing Roy is laughable.
  • A reader notes that, genius reputation notwithstanding, Theo Epstein has doled out a lot of bad contracts in his day.
  • Guess who’s back? Back again? Hudson’s back. Tell a friend.
  • Finally, LaPorta or Marte? Trick question! The Indians could call up both if they weren’t so stupid as to have a 14-man pitching staff.
  • And yes, I’m well aware of the wrongful death suit that was brought on behalf of the civilian contractors on the unfinished Death Star. I cannot say anything about it substantively at this time, as it has always been my policy not to comment on pending litigation. Suffice it to say, however, that I have pledged to return just compensation on behalf of the families of the victims, and will not rest until the so-called “New Republic” ceases the rather Imperial stance of hiding behind sovereign immunity and makes these families whole.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      I’m almost disappointed that Tim Hudson is up to AAA already, wanted to watch him next week with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans and find out how he struck so many Yankees out, once upon a time.

    2. Chip said...

      13 Indians pitchers. And the offense hasn’t been the problem there. Unless LaPorta can do something about the worst K/BB ratio in the AL, I fail to see the repeated criticism of having himin AAA.

    3. Matt M said...

      Wow! Love the 2003 USA Today article you linked in which Dusty Baker talks about racial differences between players. Not only because Dusty was being dumb, but also because his views were seconded by none other than Tony Bernazard, who apparently worked for the players’ union at the time! That’s funny on so many levels. Does anyone know if Tony
      challenged Coronado to fight during the day or at night?

    4. Matt M said...

      As for Epstein, he’s been good at trades and player development, but quite mixed at free agent acquisition. Ironically, he’s done just fine with low cost free agents – Lorretta and some guy named Ortiz come to mind. But when Theo thinks a guy from another team’s worth $9 mil annually or more, look out. If he had a smaller budget, it’d be a problem. But it’s Boston, so it all works out.

    5. MooseinOhio said...

      So according to Dusty Baker my daughter should have very few excuses for not excelling at any sport or activity as she is covered by my white skin to deal with the colder climates and my wife’s brown skin, from her African American mother and Puerto Rican father, will help here be successful in the heat and sun.  Sweet.

      Apparently all you folks who marry people from the same race are setting your kids up for potential failure.

    6. Wells said...

      S’like newsvine gets the goods these days and ShysterBall gets the links to the good. Need to update my RSS feed.

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