My Morning in Exile

Thanks to the law, my day just exploded again. I don’t think it will take me out of blogging all afternoon, but things may once again be light today. A thousand pardons. For now:

  • Brandon Webb has his owie fixed.
  • Wanna win the World Series? Beat up on the cupcakes!
  • See cathedral mountains, see the silver clouds below . . . see everything as far as you can see. Just don’t get crazy and try to touch the sun, dude, because that’s just whack.
  • If ebony and ivory can live together in perfect harmony, why can’t the Yankees and the Red Sox?
  • It’s never too early to get started with the neutral site World Series nonsense.
  • Beltran and Delgado are taking hacks and shagging flies, though it’s not gonna make a difference.
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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      John was existential and sometimes goofy, Paul is commercial.  Both were evolving important musicians in their own way.  Now, weren’t we talking about Yanks and Sox? OOOOOH, I see….

    2. The Ol Goaler said...

      Uh… Paul McCartney’s from England; why expect him to be a baseball fan at all?  Maybe he’s among those throngs who don’t GIVE a damn about Yankees/Red Sox!

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