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A couple of people pinged me about that “I don’t believe in God” comment in the previous post. Look, I’m not going to go into all of my reasons in this space because it’s simply not appropriate, but let me say this much: no all-loving, all-powerful being creates a world in which John Hughes drops dead at 59 and Joe Eszterhas is still kicking at 64.

  • Why is David Ortiz holding that news conference?
  • The Peavy deal already paying dividends for the Pads
  • Watching the Yankees-Red Sox is misery enough without adding bad umpiring to it, but we had it anyway.
  • Dollars to doughnuts that Sabean is the first fish to bite on this.
  • The Yankees trade for another starter not as good as Phil Hughes
  • Let’s get some real physical therapists in here!”
  • A good writer gets some bad news and we’re all the worse off for it.
  • Love of John Hughes movies notwithstanding, does anyone else agree with me that the whole Jake-Samantha relationship was bound to end up in sorrow? Get this, which was one of Jake’s first lines in the movie: “I do independent study with her. I catch her lo at me a lot. It’s kinda cool, the way she’s always looks at me . . . I’m being serious, ok. She looks at me like she’s in love with me.”

    So the whole basis for his attraction to Samantha is that she’s into him? That’s clear evidence of a narcissistic personality. Even if we assume they dated the rest of the year, there’s no way he doesn’t cheat over the summer and then dump her the second he goes off to college. I give the whole Geek-Caroline relationship a way better shot at working out. True, she’s rich and beautiful and he’s young and dorky, but their thing began with trust. They probably got married.

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    1. J. McCann said...

      The Lord works in mysterious ways.

      They say only the good die young, and I know of loads of angry, nasty people who seem to live forever.

      So, it could be argued that this proves there is a God by taking good people to heaven early.

    2. khaos said...

      If you wanted a completely illogical argument based on wishful thinking and in no way having any supported facts but uses that always proven to be such a high probability of truth called faith, sure, I guess it can be an argument that proves that.

    3. John Willumsen said...

      I figured you had some kind of death wish today with 3 Yankees/Red Sox posts over at NBC and a discussion of God over here, but seems like things are fairly tame. Must be the Friday effect. I think the Papi conference will amount to him saying he did everything he could to find out as much about this test as was possible, that based on what he found out he thinks it might be x y z supplement he got in the DR that triggered it, or x y z trainer in the DR who gave him something that he swore was clean. Given the light treatment he’s gotten so far, if he delivers this right, with candor and not defensiveness, he might be able to pull it off, convince people it was unintentional, and move on. As for him not being treated the same as A-Rod, the fans at Yankee Stadium certainly treated Papi to the same hearty boos that Sox fans offered A-Rod.

    4. Bing said...

      Of course we know Samantha and Jake are doomed!  That’s what makes the actual ending so utterly perfect. They bond over house cleaning (I hope he helped, and didn’t just watch), he kisses her over some cake, and then…well, we just don’t need to know how poor Sam’s existence continues to be fraught with that vague unluckiness. Freeze on the kiss. That’s what dreams are made of.

    5. Grant said...

      I’m quite annoyed that NBC decided to make us register for entirely new commenter accounts when they switched CtB around. Seems kind of unnecessary if you ask me. I know it’s minor, but that’s the kind of thing it’s better not to do to your users. Especially since it was without warning.

    6. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Sorry Grant.  It was impossible to keep the same accounts because the Newsvine platform was totally its own thing and just doesn’t talk to the Moveable Type platform.  FWIW, you can still comment without registering as far as I know (unless the guy who ripped me this morning really is named “”

    7. The Rabbit said...

      Re:Ortiz-I’ve read numerous articles by Neanderthal columnists just hammering him as a fraud/liar/cheat because of his prior statements regarding PED’s. I understand his need to hold a conference (not that I personally care). I don’t expect anything earth shattering which may give the Neanderthals more fuel.
      The fact that this number of Neanderthals exist is just one of many reasons to question the nature of a higher power. As you already know, nothing makes some people more intolerant than if you don’t believe in God the way that they understand Him/Her. Belief and faith, as lovely as they are, are often mistaken for absolute truth….and it has to be their “absolute truth”.

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