My Morning in Exile

Today ShysterBall celebrates the 15th anniversary of the beginning of the 1994-95 strike! Sure, it was terrible, but at least we didn’t get a 72-win team winning the AL West! In other news:

  • Hey, you and Tommy LaSorda? I hate Tommy Lasorda.
  • The Tigers’ arms are going to be stretched come this postseason, though there’s not a lot to be done about it.
  • Has the 500 home run club been diminished?
  • Is this the end for Tom Gordon?
  • Keep a thought in your heart for Scott Schoeneweis.
  • Are the Joba kid gloves doing more harm than good?
  • Nostalgia sucks, even when I’m sympathetic to it.
  • I may have a longer post about that last one later today.

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    1. John Willumsen said...

      Re: the Tigers stretched arms, I think often you most see the effects of a long season + post-season work the next year. 2006 White Sox and 2009 Rays immediately come to mind. Though you could argue that regression is all but inevitable for a team that makes it to the W.S. as getting there almost always involves a healthy dose of luck sauce.

    2. HP3 said...

      re: Tommy Lasorda

      Fatso never misses a photo-op. I can’t stand him either and wish he would go away; never to be seen or heard from again.

    3. Will said...

      “Once upon a time, before Sirius and XM and, there was a thing we called radio.”

      What the hell have I been listening to in the car this morning? The TV set? And anyhow, since I’m too cheap for cable and MLB.TV has decided that I’m in a blackout zone for the Rockies, my only option is to listen to the radio.

      Also, SI loses my respect by forcing its url into my quoted sentence there.

    4. Aaron Whitehead said...

      Thanks for the “Fletch” reference.  Although I have to admit that the commercials for the postseason a few years ago that featured LaSorda were pretty good.  Still, it sounds like the Cyclones are taking the word “Fame” a little too literally.

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