My Morning in Exile

  • Bronson Arroyo has been called on the carpet for his honesty yesterday. At times like these, it’s worth remembering that baseball is a part of corporate America, and that corporate America is not a big fan of honesty.
  • The Wrigley beer-tosser has turned himself in. Our long national nightmare is over. Personally, I hope he is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Not for dousing Victorino as such — even Victorino is shrugging that off now — but for wasting precious, precious beer.
  • Hank Aaron says that Barry Bonds is the real home run champ and that asterisks are a dumb idea. If you think that will stop people like Wallace Matthews from ranting and raving about it all, well, you just don’t know people like Wallace Matthews.
  • I hate it when writers talk about “storylines.” There’s a ballgame. If that’s not enough of a “storyline” for you you’re beyond helping.
  • Theo Speaks.
  • Jake Peavy dazzles in his first AAA rehab start. Ian Snell fainted when he saw the intimidating Pawtucket lineup Peavy faced.
  • Carlos Delgado’s latest injury is described as a good thing in that it allows Daniel Murphy to play more first base. Because there’s nothing better than Daniel Murphy playing more first base.
  • Some folks are trying to rehabilitate Carl Mays’ legacy. I mean, it’s not like he killed a guy or anything. Oh wait . . .
  • No legal work today — I’m home with the kids. I tried to lay down the parental law with them this morning and I was openly mocked, so I can’t say for sure that I’ll survive the afternoon absent a trip to Graeter’s, some time in the sprinkler and stuff like that. The kids may need some things to distract them too. Assuming I survive, there will be blogging, although I can’t say how much.

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    1. Motherscratcher said...

      It’s ridiculous that the epic grudge match that looms between the Mets and Joe Smith isn’t enough for this guy.  The hype leading up to that series will be unparalleled.

      Not only that, a guy I did my residency with in 2001 is a Mets fan.  We attended a game together in in Cleveland where the Mets pulled it out when Milton Bradley barely missed a home run (I’m sure you all remember).  There’s been 8 years of pent up aggression over it.  I’ll be waiting for Rubin’s call if he needs to interview me for another good storyline.

    2. YankeesfanLen said...

      I lived in Bartlett, IL for a few years about 15 years ago.  It’s an exurb (of suburban Schaumburg) built around a small hamlet with a gin mill front and center.  Their claim to fifteen minutes of fame was hitherto some guy winning a MegaMillions by buying one in WI and having his hometown celebration there.  The Wrigley beer-thrower was probably about 10 at time time and obstentiously not allowed to enter.  Judging by his picture during the apology, I doubt they have a case for him EVER wasting an Old Style

    3. Tim Kelly said...

      Funny that the commenters on the NBC site were using Aaron’s words as gospel when Aaron said the “list” should be released and Craig had to talk them down. 

      Now Aaron says that Bonds is the true homerun king and Craig uses his words to convince people of that opinion.

    4. ma said...

      Seriously, battery?  How is tossing a flimsy plastic cup of beer any different than pegging somebody unexpectedly with a water balloon?  The illegal conduct in sports facility sounds like a generic way of charging somebody for being a dick, which he was and deserves.

    5. michael standish said...

      About Arroyo’s comments regarding drunk driving:

      While it’s pretty obvious that DUI (alcohol division) is a bad plan, we might want to avoid shooting the messenger; that was a report, not a recommendation.

      Also, while it’s always nice to be able to pat oneself on the back, it’s not at all clear that cracking down on boozers behind the wheel will suffice. Dock Ellis claimed to have pitched a no-hitter whilst on LSD, but I wonder how he would have done if he’d been texting from the mound.

      As with the half-fast “approaches” to the problem of Performance Enhancement in baseball, it might be better if we fished a little deeper.

    6. jlive said...

      What I want is an over-under on the sentence the beer-guy gets.  More or less time served than Donte’ Stallworth got for killing someone?

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