My Morning in Exile

Things I wrote while wondering why on Earth I agreed to review a Buzz Bissinger book . . .

  • Chipper Jones might just call it quits. I don’t really want to see him go yet, but I’m wondering if it might not be easier for Braves fans after he and Bobby Cox retire. I think we tend to alternate between going too easy and too hard on this team due to their presence, and if they were gone I can’t help think that we’d be more clear-eyed about them.
  • Are the Rangers going to sit Kevin Millwood after tonight to keep his option from vesting? They say they aren’t, but there’s certainly an incentive for them to do so.
  • Your daily “rile up the Yankee Fanboy” post. As of press time it hasn’t riled them up yet, but I have this feeling that they’ll wake up shortly.
  • MLB Network takes the preliminary steps to naming a urinal after Rick Sutcliffe.
  • The Cardinals may just be renting Matt Holliday. And that may make some sense.
  • The Jays corporate communications leave a bit to be desired.
  • And it’s not even really a Bissinger book. It’s a book written by LeBron James with Buzz Bissinger. So far it’s actually pretty interesting (I don’t know much about James, really, so it’s neat to hear about where he came from). Buzz needs to work on his ghost writing skills a bit, though, as there are passages that were very obviously written by a 55 year-old writer as opposed to a 24 year-old basketball god. For example, no matter how well the narrative flows, I can’t really feature James writing the phrase “we lived in a tidy old colonial” on whatever street. Anyone younger than 50 who isn’t in the real estate business says “house,” don’t they? I’m waiting for the references to “davenports” and “ice boxes.”

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    1. ecp said...

      Not sure how that Jeter post could rile up the Yankee fanboys, Craig.  You quoted Marchman (who they may find disrespectful), then pretty much refuted him.

      Of course, they do seem to rile easily; but I suggest next time you try harder!

    2. The Rabbit said...

      Re Chipper: I’ve been a fan since he was a rookie and agree with everything you said.  If he’s still experiencing hamstring and oblique pain, I can see him retiring before the season begins next year.
      Re: Barajas: I’m not sure why he is “surprised” other than how he heard it.  The Jays are claiming relative poverty.  He’s 34, hitting .238, and had some hamstring problems this year.  The Jays have a 25 year old rookie catcher, Kyle Phillips, who will be cheap by comparison and can use the older, and most likely, less expensive Raul Chavez as a backup.
      BTW…Craig, how could you pass on commenting on the last paragraph of that article? A naked guy with a stuffed monkey tied around his waist at CitiField?  It has all the makings of a great thread.

    3. Gerry said...

      There was a baseball player named (well, nicknamed) Ice Box Chamberlain. It was before your time. Heck, it was before your grandfather’s time.

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