My Morning in Exile

I’m a bigger Bob Dylan fan than anyone you know. I own everything. I enjoy just about all of it. I have long since forgiven Dylan for any of his many musical trespasses over the years, and have even embraced most of them like the big Bob Dylan whore that I am. In the past week I was even listening to “Under the Red Sky” in my car and I’m not ashamed to admit it. If he was revealed to be a serial killer tomorrow, I’d by the guy outside of the courthouse holding the “free Bob Dylan” signs and giving teary, unhinged interviews to television reporters. My Zimmerman love has heretofore known no bounds.

But I think I’ve found when my fanaticism stops. It’s here, and yes kids, there are audio samples. I’ll be in the fetal position for the rest of the day. In the meantime:

  • You can tell the offseason is near when the steroid litigation updates begin.
  • This is important. This means something. Mostly, it means that it’s getting time that the Cubs knock this celebrity singing bit off.
  • I’d say this would be a good opportunity for A-Rod to get some good P.R., but he’d probably do it in such a way that everyone would accuse him of simply looking for good P.R.
  • Mike Scioscia criticizes the umps in a funny way.
  • Brian Fuentes criticizes the umps in a finey way.
  • Lou Piniella may simply soon be on his way.
  • And yes, before you say anything, I’ve seen the thing about the Tim McCarver album. I could probably ignore that in ways I simply couldn’t ignore Dylan crooning “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      How does someone in Providence review an album almost a month before it’s released?
      But I’ll give it 4 stars, it’s easy to minuet to.

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Andy: I bought it at a time when I figured that I just had to own absolutely everything (early 90s). I think I’ve listened to it three times.  I did rip it and put “Copper Kettle” on a mix CD, though.

      I don’t own “Dylan” however and don’t think I ever will.

    3. Lawrence A. Herman said...

      I listen to Self Protrait straight through every so often, but I am NOT looking forward to that Christmas album.

    4. Ryan said...

      my fanaticism ended after the last two live shows i saw. Maybe he was just off both times, but they were both god awful.

    5. Rob² said...

      I had to turn off the game in the 8th, but did I miss something in the play-by-play this morning?  Did the blown calls on Nick Green retroactively load the bases to force in the tying run?

      Look, no one wants a game to end on a bad call like these, but Fuentes and the Angels put themselves in the position to let a bad call cost them the game.  Take responsibility for that much, at least.

    6. John Willumsen said...

      I wonder what Manny Rodriguez did to Jeff K over at NBC to cause Jeff to fling racialized anger at him. Frankly I’ve never even heard of Manny Rodriguez.

    7. Jason B said...

      This has nothing to do with *anything* baseball-related, but still…from the T


      MARION, Ill. — An attorney says a southern Illinois woman died six days after being accidentally set ablaze during an operation at a Marion hospital.

      Robert Howerton has been retained by the family of Janice McCall. He says the 65-year-old Energy woman died Sept. 8 at a Nashville, Tenn., hospital to which she was transferred.
      Howerton says he’s requesting records from Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion about what happened to McCall.

      The hospital acknowledges in a statement that the flash fire happened but won’t offer specifics, citing patient confidentiality laws.

      The Tennessee state medical examiner’s office says McCall died from complications of thermal burns, and her death is listed as accidental.


      How does that happen?!? Forceps…*nurse hands doc the forceps*…scalpel…*nurse hands doc a blowtorch*…

      She’s described as a “65-year-old Energy woman”.  I’m assuming Energy is the name of the town she’s from…really???  In the final analysis, she was perhaps a tad *too* energetic. Would this have happened if she were from a town called Lethargy?

      Reminds me of the Kent Brockman line in ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns, part II’ – Burns was rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.  He was then transferred to another hospital where doctors upgraded his condition to ‘alive’. 

      Methinks Heartland Regional is the poster child for the “before” hospital in that scenario.

      I’m done.  Sorry for the threadjack.  Had to share.

    8. Melody said...

      “I’m a bigger Bob Dylan fan than anyone you know.”

      I’m not sure about that… I just checked our CD shelf, and there were well over 40 Dylan albums there, plus the ones my husband has in his car.  He’d be right there with you outside the courthouse, Craig.  Put it this way, on our cross-country road trip last summer, our route was largely planned around his desire to drive through Hibbing, Minnesota.  (I’m guessing anyone who’s stuck with this thread long enough to get here is aware of the significance.) …I’ve still got a piece of iron from their mine.  They weren’t real excited to talk about Dylan, although his childhood home does have the album cover of Blood on the Tracks painted on the door.

    9. TC said...

      Does it say anything about me that, upon the first notes of “Here Comes Santa Claus”, I simply burst out laughing?  “Must Be Santa” has a “Romance in Durango” vibe, if you try hard enough.  I guess.

    10. ElBonte said...

      Boy, you sure got the business over that Cubs/Dreyfuss bit, huh?  What’s the story?  Was that a bit by Dryfuss?  Maybe he was doing his best Ron Santo impression.

    11. BillyBeaneisMyHero said...

      Isn’t Bob Dylan…um…Jewish?  What’s he doing making a #@$!&%* Christmas album?  This nearly as bad as when Barbra Streisand came out with a Christmas album, but not quite.  Whenever Streisand is involved in anything, it’s always the worst.  No matter what.

    12. Matt said...

      I would rather listen to a whole Bob Dylan Christmas album than here that 1.5 seconds of his voice on that “” Pepsi commercial ever again.

    13. Lawrence A. Herman said...

      BillyBeaneisMyHero—Dylan was born Jewish but accepted Jesus as his personal savior back in the 70s. His religious attitudes have become vaguer lately, but he’s done some religious-influenced material over the years.

    14. Kevin said...

      Jim U: That 1973 “Dylan” album was my first Bob Dylan album also (I won it in a radio station giveaway, back when it was great fun to listen to the radio), and it inspired me to steer clear for about as long as you.

      But we’ll have Bob’s Christmas album under the tree at our house. Sometimes you buy the goods at the bake sale because weird old granduncle Bob was on the organizing committee and not because it looks mighty good to eat.

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