My Morning in Exile

I made it all the way up to the 16th floor this morning without the elevator stopping at any lower floors. When I got to my office: champagne celebration. Hey, if baseball teams can do it for the littlest things, I can too . . .

  • I wonder what the odds of Brian Sabean not giving a multi-year deal to a 30 year-old utility guy coming off a fluke season are? 100 to 1? More?
  • Carlos Zambrano threatens to retire if he doesn’t get better. When I read this, I got an image of him sitting around the rec center of a condo community, tipping over card tables hosting pinochle games and beating the crap out of iced tea dispensers and stuff.
  • Doug Melvin apparently wants the Brewers’ pitching staff to be fixed in ten minutes.
  • Was Tony La Russa simply being a jerk when he argued with the Rockies’ groundskeeper on Saturday, or is there something else going on? Not that those are mutually exclusive choices.
  • I’m sure the Germans have some untranslateable multi-syllabic word that generally means “unspecified jealousy for rather immature reasons.” If I knew it I would deploy it here.
  • I know it’s not as easy for you as it is for others, Zack, but please, try to loosen up.

    Hey, they canceled the Monday meeting! Break out the bubbly!

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    1. Alex Poterack said...

      A little google language tools gives “unreifmissgunst” (pron. oohn-rife-miss-goohnst) for “immature resentment”.  “Reif” is cognate with English “ripe”, so it’s similar to “unripe jealousy”—I think that’s sufficiently poetic enough to describe it.

      That said, I don’t think any Germans actually *use* that as a word, but it should be grammatical…

    2. Levi Stahl said...

      LaRussa’s probably just arguing to keep in shape. He knows as well as anyone that a team that clinches early can find itself out of whack by the start of the playoffs, and he knows what he has to do to maintain his mid-season arguing form.

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