My Morning in Exile

Little known fact: the guy at NBC who approved adding me to the blog recently left abruptly after the girl with which he was smitten, in an attempt to let him down easy, told him that she needed to be with someone more selfless. Apparently he joined Greenpeace and, last anyone heard, was seen speeding towards a whaling ship. Until someone repeals his decisions, I’m still posting, baby:

  • Lou Piniella does not want your lineup advice, and he doesn’t care who the hell you are.
  • As mentioned in ATH this morning, there are lotsa walks being issued with the bases juiced.
  • The Yankees look to go to 5-2 all time in new ballpark debuts.
  • Are the Dodgers poised to run away with the West? Looks like it to me.
  • There’s a legitimate downside to Bernie Madoff losing his Mets season tickets.
  • Some folks say that Josh Beckett’s suspension was too harsh. One guy is saying that it’s not harsh enough, and I take issue with him.
  • Now for a short, mind-clearing walk on a nice spring morning, after which we will return you to your regularly-scheduled ShysterBall.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Now, c’mon Craig, it’s hard work voting you up all morning on CTB, and no one knows you there now and you can hide in Columbus.

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