My Morning in Exile

I’m going to take a quickie trip to California in a couple of weeks for a friend’s wedding. The beautiful Bay Area! The wonderful wine of Napa! The first chance at a romantic, kid-free getaway in years for Mrs. Shyster and me! So what did I do this morning? Sat bummed after realizing that the Giants are going to be out of town and that the A’s are hosting the Indians, the one team I can see every single day of the season anyway. Sigh. Probably for the best though. If I steered the trip towards the East Bay for baseball and away from vineyards and beautiful Pacific vistas, Mrs. Shyster would probably leave me for good. Anyway:

  • Don’t do drugs kids, because while they helped me get fame, a quarter billion dollars and Kate Hudson in my bed every night, they could do really bad things to you. Just say no.”
  • How are the Red Sox like the Grateful Dead? Click here for . . . the rest of the story.
  • Peavy is going to be shut down, and that’s probably OK.
  • The Feds are either wasting time or are going to appeal the BALCO seizure decision. Not that those two things are mutually exclusive.
  • tHeMARksMiTh handicaps Tim Hudson’s return.
  • Sure, Brad Penny would listen to an AL East team if one called.
  • Amazingly, even ESPN answers to a higher power. Well, in this case it’s really about the money, but the result is a good one anyway.
  • Let’s see . . . according to Google Maps, the Coliseum is 65. 9 miles from St. Helena . . . it’s a 1:05 PM start . . . if it lasts less than three hours, I can still make the wedding if I don’t hit too much traffic. . . hmmmm

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      You got them going again at the Blue Network with the “Nation” thing.  And the only thing I took objection to was a quasi-fan Jim saying we’re just as good as the 2000 team- The year we backed into everything and only had to beat the Mets.
      Now, time to drive to Baltimore

    2. David said...

      Let me tell you, as an A’s fan, it might not be worth it.  Sure you get to see a day baseball game and sure you can drink cold beer on a nice warm California day and sure, Mrs. Shyster might end up leaving you and you’ll be stuck in California.. wait, what was I trying to talk you out of doing?

    3. mike in brooklyn said...

      Why’d that guy have to put down deadheads?  What did they ever do?  Now, I’m no deadhead—saw them maybe 10 or 12 times.  But my lovely S.O. saw them over a hundred, so I feel like he’s putting down my woman!

      Also, he mentions Doris Kearns Goodwin.  Am I the only one who thinks her and Jon Stewart are flirting when she’s on his show, then thinks “I bet she was something when she was younger”, then finds himself filled with self-loathing and cries himself to sleep?

      Guess it’s just me.

    4. APBA Guy said...

      I don’t know Craig, the chance to see Bob Geren in full “don’t risk winning” mode may be too much to pass up.

      The 20th you say?

    5. Jack Marshall said...

      Excellent post on A-Rod doing anti-drug messages, and, naturally, you get attacked by the brain-dead “if you haven’t led the life of Saint Francis, you have no right to object to wrongdoing” crowd. In the absense of any meaningful penalties, A-Rod, like Bonds, Clemens and Manny stand for the proposition that using illegal PEDs is a HUGE cost-benefit winner, even if you get caught, and using any of these guys to preach drug-abstinence is absurd—-even if they themselves now believe it, and who knows? A-Rod might. I don’t much care for Fortune 500 companies using convicted and imprisoned company execs to teach business ethics, but they sure as hell are more convincing than an exec whom everyone knew had run scams and had kept his job and his ill-gotten gains…and bagged Kate Hudson as a bonus.

    6. Aarcraft said...

      The A-Rod anti-drug speach that I would want to hear:

      “I’m supremely more talented than any of you scrubs, and have been since the day I was born. Steroids had nothing to do with it. Don’t think that you can take steroids like me and then hit like me, and that you’ll end up making as much money as me playing baseball. You suck, and will likely wind up petering out in high school, even with steroids. Plus, I’m better looking than you, so steroids won’t help you bang Kate Hudson (or Miley Cyrus, considering the audience). Its not worth it. Study hard, and try to get a real job.”

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