My Morning in Exile

I experienced my first symptoms of playoff fever this morning. I’m going to try to rest and take fluids, but I don’t think I can fight it off much longer . . .

  • Joe Mauer is a thief!
  • The Blue Jays pay for about 1/12 of Vernon Wells’ 2010 raise.
  • The Mets’ doctors: their diagnosis never fails, they know just what to do. Whenever anybody ails they’re sympathetic too. Their heart within them melts (their heart within them melts), no matter what they treat them for, they die from something else.
  • The Rays are probably going to sign Carl Crawford.
  • The Braves are probably going to sign Tim Hudson.
  • Joba Chamberlain is probably going to fold towels.
  • Jamie Moyer is going to fold up the tent and go home for the season.
  • I’m sure my playoff fever will subside somewhat when I see Dice-K throw over to first base seven times, come set, step off the rubber, step back on, come set, and throw back over to first base seven more times while playing the Angels.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Dice-K- he must have learned that from Andy.  Put them together for an ALCS and you have a guaranteed 6 hour game.
      Glad to see Tim Hudson back- mis-timed trip to Myrtle Beach to watch him with the Penguins. He was a thorn in our side with the A’s, before the Angels won that slot.

    2. Daniel said...

      I’ll comment on the Mauer thing over here, since I don’t think I’ll get the level of discourse over at NBC.

      If Mauer was confident he could figure out the sign sequence, shouldn’t he have stayed at second on that fly ball?  He’s still in scoring position and he has a chance to help the batter.  I guess the chances were pretty high that Laird and Verlander would have figured something out and changed up their signals.  And of course from second base, Mauer can’t score on a wild pitch.  But the chances of those are slim compared to the help he could provide by stealing signs.

    3. YankeesfanLen said...

        Sorry, I was thinking of Pittsburg things instead of Pelicans.  My species identification is off today, too much Big E where I couldn’t tell one sponge mop from another.

    4. ecp said...

      Let’s see…Jeter was a thief yesterday, Mauer is a thief today…who is tomorrow’s thief?  Let’s give the NL equal opportunity here.  How about Pujols tomorrow?

    5. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

      @YFL – After awhile, I assume, it wasn’t even fun to decide whether the hawkers were trying to channel Billy Mays or Vince Offer. It’s enough to make you look for Grandma’s Little Helper – not the one that goes in the microwave, but the bottle she kept in the freezer… wink

    6. HP3 said...

      ecp said…
      Let’s see…Jeter was a thief yesterday, Mauer is a thief today…who is tomorrow’s thief?  Let’s give the NL equal opportunity here.  How about Pujols tomorrow?

      I am thinking we go back to A-Rod and Tejada.  They are probably still tipping.

    7. Chris Purvis said...

      I start reading the comments over at NBC, quickly feel nauseous, and stop.  The Garcia effect, that’s what they call it.

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