My Morning in Exile

Thanks for all of the kind words in the ATH thread, folks. It makes the three or four years I’ll be losing at the end of my life due to chronic sleep-deprivation all worthwhile.

  • A preview of the Cardinals-Dodgers NLDS. This smells like conventional baseball writing. I don’t do conventional baseball writing very well, so please, don’t hesitate to correct my many mistakes.
  • Drunk, violent and 0 for 7 over the last two games of the White Sox series is no way to go through life, Miguel.
  • Kent Hrbek: “We’ve got to come back here on Tuesday and drink some more beer!” Not you Miguel.
  • Ken Macha and Trevor Hoffman will be back in Milwaukee next year. That’s probably the right thing to do on both counts.
  • Bobby Valentine is talking to the Marlins. It will be hilarious when Joe Girardi wins the 2009 World Series as Yankees manager and Fredi Gonzalez wins the 2010 and 2011 World Series as the Braves’ bench coach and manager, respectively.
  • There is no baseball tonight. Do your best to interact with your family. But don’t get too invested, because you’ll have to bag out on those guys again starting tomorrow.

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    1. Jack Marshall said...

      I had two pencils up my nose as I read this, Craig—-thanks for the reference to my favorite scene in my favorite movie comedy of all time!

    2. Mode: Theif and Lair said...

      Well, maybe Cabrera is a liar, but at least he’s not a thief like that darn Derek Jeter fellow.

      /sorry, just can’t drop it

      Who else had a bad series?  There has to be some possibility that he was out with teammates.

    3. Simon DelMonte said...

      I hear there is something else going on in Minneapolis tonight.  A tractor pull, or maybe a debate on WJM.  So maybe I can survive this day without baseball.

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