My Morning in Exile

Sorry things have been quiet the past couple of days. I was home with kids yesterday, and today I’m busy preparing for an appellate argument scheduled for tomorrow morning. Breaks from those activities — and almost all of the time that stretched into the wee wee hours of last night — consisted of me frantically finishing my contribution to The Hardball Times Annual. Which I just submitted to the editors. And which was due, like, two days ago. The fact that I tend to equate the word “deadline” with “suggestion” is one of the reasons that editors tend not to want to work with me. But hey, it’s done. In the meantime:

  • Does baseball need umpires?
  • Mike Scioscia, from Upper Darby, Pa., by way of Hell”
  • Josh Beckett wants Jason Varitek back on the Red Sox next year. Given that Varitek has a player option, this isn’t exactly a case of Beckett goin’ out on a limb or anything.
  • Finally, why buy new tires when you can get retreads on the cheap?
  • I’ll have another post up in about a half hour, but beyond that it may be quiet for the rest of the day.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      “Deadlines” v.“Suggestions” Now, that’s a rationale I can live by, but it’s a long, non-baseball story.

    2. tadthebad said...

      The regular season hype and spectacle are too much, but haven’t the Red Sox and Yankees met in the playoffs only about 4 times, with the last being 2004?

    3. (Not That) Tom said...

      You can never have a discussion about the quality of umpiring in baseball without a few calls for eliminating the DH. It never fails.

    4. Jamie said...

      “The fact that I tend to equate the word “deadline” with “suggestion” is one of the reasons that editors tend not to want to work with me.”

      I’m sure it doesn’t make the judges real happy, either.

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