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If anyone cares, I finished season three of “The Wire” last night. It just gets better and better, as you all said it would. Again, no spoilers for those of us who haven’t seen it all yet, but I will offer a question: why on Earth didn’t HBO do an Omar/Brother Mouzone spinoff? If people watched “Simon and Simon” and “Hardcastle and McCormick” they sure as hell would have watched “Omar and Mouzone,” wouldn’t they?

  • That NLCS preview I mentioned earlier.
  • Unless the baby was coming out of Hamels’ body as opposed to his wife’s I’m having trouble seeing why he got to ride in a police car to the hospital. Why wasn’t he forced to drive his minivan like every other expectant parent?
  • The Yankees may need Joba to start after all.
  • After thirty years, isn’t it much easier to simply ignore one another and go on about your business than it is to go through the hassle of actually divorcing?
  • You mean to tell me that the division series outdrew the cage match in which Dusty Rhodes won both the TV Title and one month’s worth of services from Baby Doll after defeating Tully Blanchard? Unpossible!
  • Pro tip: don’t lend the Rangers anything. Seriously, don’t even float them bus fare.
  • Note: it’s also not acceptable to give up any “Hardcastle and McCormick” spoilers, as that’s next in the NetFlix queue.

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    1. Will said...

      I hate to rain on your parade, Craig, but usually when the police escort a professional athlete or celebrity somewhere, the police department is reimbursed and the officer paid overtime by the VIP.

    2. Beanster said...

      I was not expecting a Simon and Simon or Hardcastle and McCormick reference when I got up this morning.  Thank you.  Wow.  I eagerly await a Jake & the Fat Man analogy.

    3. Dan Whitney said...

      I had my verstandskies extracted last week so I had some couch time, and decided to watch the series for the third time through and it amazes me how it continues to get better and better, constantly topping itself without ever going out of control and losing believability. Just a fantastic show all around. You’ll love season four but you’ll love season five even more.

    4. Daniel said...

      My wife and I finished season three last night as well.  The season started a bit slowly, but right around the halfway point, it picked up and the last 3 or 4 episodes were fantastic, probably better than anything previously.

      It’s hard to imagine where they’ll go from this point, but I’m in for season 4.

    5. RickyB said...

      The Downtown Brown years of Simon & Simon constitute some of my favorite television ever. You can keep Lieutenant Marsh for all I care …

    6. Aaron Moreno said...

      Craig, a fantastic thing about divorce in CA is that some men still think they have an “airtight” prenup. Sadly, the guys who make the most during their marriage are the ones most likely to have their prenup nullified. Here’s where you can definitely blame Barry Bonds.

    7. YankeesfanLen said...

      Just to expand on my previos position:
      I am a Yankees fan, but not a Yankeesfanboy from the Blue Network.
      This is going to be a real tough series, and both teams have to use every thing they’re known for to come out victorious every game
      The Angels and Yankees both deserve to be there, and this might as well be the World Series
      It may only be home field advantage that marginally determines the winner
      Abreu shouldn’t have been let go last winter, or any more so than Damon (or Matsui) could be this year.
      Mother Nature could make a mess of things, so Girardi has to be very careful in not only starting, but relief, pitching because one or two of these could well be extra innings.

      I am rooting, as always, for the Yankees and looking forward to seeing the games develop, and pray for some professional umpiring.

    8. Alex K said...

      Love season five even more? That’s a tough sell. Season five is very good, but season 4 was amazing.

      I think the new characters in season four are much easier to like/care about. That, for me, makes season four so much better.

    9. Dan Whitney said...

      Alex, you’re right about the characters in season four, but for me I was quite engrossed in the overarching political and social issues dealt with in season five. I don’t want to go into it too much more since Craig is yet to see it, but the newspaper angle was very interesting to me.

    10. ecp said...

      It’s beyond me how people can possibly think that the Rangers, in their situation and under the thumb of MLB decision-making, can possibly pursue big names this offseason.  I keep reading it, though…especially in regards to John Lackey.  How could they possibly?  It’s nuts.

    11. The Rabbit said...

      I gotta tell you, Craig, the Philly police do that kind of thing for other than millionaire sports figures.
      When I worked in Philadelphia and was married, my husband had a life threatening medical emergency at our home in NJ. I asked a Philadelphia police officer who was in our building if there was any way he could pick up the 911 call in NJ and get me some sort of status.  He checked on it and suggested I ride with him to his precinct. Without boring you with the whole story, the Philadelphia police drove me to base of the Burlington Bristol bridge where the NJ State Police picked me up and drove me to the hospital.
      Obviously, it’s hard for me to take issue with Cole Hamels getting a ride through the Godawful Philly city traffic.

    12. lar said...

      I’m not sure I see an issue with the Rangers playoff deposits. The Brewers did essentially the same thing last year, and I don’t imagine that it’s much differently with other clubs.

      Granted, the Brewers actually made it to the postseason last year, unlike the Rangers, but still…

      I remember hoping to get my money back quickly when they lost the NLDS. After all, I gave them a credit card number – couldn’t they just run a reimbursement through the credit card company? But they didn’t give the money back until Nov 18 or so, and here’s why: by giving me six weeks to get accustomed to the fact that I didn’t have that money, it made it easier for me to say, “yeah, I’ll just let it stay there and use it towards season tickets again.” It’s a pretty easy psychological trick, and I’m sure it worked on thousands of people. I’m sure that’s exactly what the Rangers are doing, and I’d be surprised if the Rockies or Twins or Red Sox aren’t doing exactly the same thing.

    13. Alex K said...

      Dan, I see where you’re coming from, but I thought the schools were much more interesting than the newspaper. I also think the social issues covered in season four helped to give more background on the previous seasons as well (like where the characters came from).

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