My Morning in Exile

Query: Is George Sherrill really “the Pride of Memphis” as Chip Caray said last night? How many people in Memphis actually know him and what he does for a living and truly take pride in it? You certainly have family, some high school teammates and what, a few dozen other people? I bet the number of people from Memphis who truly take pride in George Sherrill is under 100. And none of those people mess with Wikipedia, because Sherrill isn’t even mentioned here. Unless of course he was removed from the page after last night’s performance . . .

  • Jaramillo is probably going to get hired by the Cubbies. Is he going to be as good a hitting coach in the Friendly Confines as he was in the even friendlier confines of The Ballpark at Arlington?
  • Tim Hudson will take a hometown discount to stay in Atlanta. If they make that happen, he’ll be The Pride of Atlanta!
  • Bobby Abreu may or may not be worthy of a two-year contract from the Angels, but he did not have a “MVP calibre year.”
  • Smoke ‘em inside and pound that Budweiser, boys.
  • If I had to pick someone to be “The Pride of Memphis,” I’d go with any of the following before George Sherrill: Howlin’ Wolf; Al Green, Jerry Lawler, Elvis, and Missi Pyle, whom I’ve sort of had a crush on for a while. There are many others.

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    1. Aarcraft said...

      Were you also aware that the 37 year old Ibanez is not really 37, because he started playing baseball in the majors late, and apparently did not age while in the minors?

    2. Matt said...

      I was interested in who actually was the pride of Memphis.  This is what I got:

      Urban Dictionary: pride of memphis
      pride of memphis – 5 definitions – Someone who farts while they’re near someone, so they can blame it on the other person.

      aka Elvis

    3. Aaron Moreno said...

      I remember that, Aarcraft. It’s a euphemism I heard in boxing, where some old guy without a ton of experience “fights like a young boxer.” Usually it means he did time.

    4. Megary said...

      Considering he was born there and helped make Memphis famous laying the groove at Stax, I’ll vote for Booker T.

    5. YankeesfanLen said...

      Five notable topics that I can make inane comments in one day!
      Jaramillo can take out his Cubbies’ less than stellar hitting performance at Arlington Park, only 20 minutes away if the Kennedy doesn’t buckle again.
      If Tim Hudson has a mild mid-season injury, he can recuperate with the Myrtle Beach Pelicans (I got that right, this time).
      Much as we love Swisher, it’s still a shame we let him go last year, but now the Angels have snapped up a buy-one-get-one-free deal.
      Leave ARod alone, and see what happens over the next 8 wins.
      Memphis is grest for honky-tonk C&W bars that have great BBQ, still can’t line dance.

      Well, I told you they were inane.
      Yankees in 6, still over Dodgers.

    6. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Eh, you win some you lose some. I’m not going to go to the mat for Missi Pyle.  As far as crushes go, she’s moderate at best.

    7. scatterbrian said...

      By “caliber,” of course, you refer to both the size of his gun barrel and the high quality of his character… Two meanings… caliber… it’s a homonym… Forget it.

    8. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Pride of Columbus finalists:

      James Thurber
      Beverly D’Angelo
      Eddie Rickenbacker
      Dwight Yoakam
      Jeff Smith (the “Bone” cartoonist)

      I don’t count any of the athletes, because screw ‘em. Well, I would count Jesse Owens because stickin’ it to Hitler is about the coolest thing anyone has ever done, but Owens is really from Cleveland and just went to OSU for college.

    9. Greg Simons said...

      For “Pride of Columbus” I’ll vote Jeff Smith, whom I met at a couple comic book shows several years ago. Really nice guy who autographed some books for me, personalized with a quick sketch of Fone Bone, too.  I’m currently re-reading the books to my daughters.  We all love the snowfall at the end of issue #1.

    10. michael standish said...

      Shyster gets triple bonus points for either Rickenbacker or Thurber, but maybe a double triple for catching both; on the other hand, debits for missing Brandon (“What do you do when you’re Brandon?”) Heipp, a.k.a. Patriot.

      Dwight Yoakam is quite the stretch, until or unless Shyster admits that the former is “one of them optical illusions.”

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