My Morning in Exile

I don’t have anything snarky to say about Steve Phillips’ situation. Some bad judgment on his part has led to an ugly and possibly scary situation, and that’s no good for anyone involved, whatever their foibles.

But man, if the dude was going to get kicked off ESPN for a week, you’d at least hope that it would be during a week in which he was scheduled to broadcast a game . . .

  • Manny hits the showers. Plaschke’s blood pressure to soon hit 190 over 100.
  • The post in which I slipped in references to Mariano throwing a spitball and being behind the balloon boy hoax. No one seems to have noticed yet.
  • Any umpire who looks at a play with the right call in his heart has already committed adultery. Wait — I may be mixing that quote up. And no, I don’t expect many people under 40 — hell, maybe under 50 — to get that one.
  • Is it ironic or merely funny that the team of Chief Wahoo is thinking serious thoughts about ethnicity and stuff as they choose their new manager? Is this like a black fly in their chardonnay?
  • The Wilpons didn’t lose $700 to Bernie Madoff. Which means that Larry King was wrong about something. Next thing you know we’ll find out that, no, Kate Hepburn was NOT the best actress for his money, and that there was more of a class act than David Niven.
  • The Cubs hire Rudy Jaramillo and give him a bunch of money. It’s OK though, because he’s going to have two jobs: (1) hitting coach; and (2) Bradley-Whisperer.
  • Thanks for all of the kind words and constructive criticism in last night’s thread, everyone. I try to do whatever I can to get better at this stuff, and you’re all a big help in me doing so.

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    1. acid queen said...

      1979, and I knew it too.  You’re underestimating your audience.

      Now the NBC board, they might not be able to count to 40.

    2. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

      Sadly, Shyster, there are folks advocating for Mattingly to be the next Nats manager, despite him having the same amount of managerial experience as you and I do.

    3. Andy H said...

      “I don’t expect many people under 40—hell, maybe under 50—to get that one.”

      Or, you know, anybody who’s read the Bible.

    4. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Jeff—I’ve been out of the office most of the day and thus haven’t seen the woman in question. Are you suggesting that Phillps talent-evaluation skills remain subpar after all of these years?

    5. APBA Guy said...

      Also, the Wilpons could be subject to claw-backs on gains. So their profit may be non-existent.

      Still, as you say, better than a loss.

    6. Mode:Theif and Lair said...

      Here, let me help you with the snarkiness.

      1) Phillips, on the phone to Rick Pitino: “Hey Rick, do you know a cement guy I can use?”

      2) The victim’s “good” friend in the case told her to make sure she saved that dress with the stain on it.

      I also noticed that there weren’t many comments on the Heyman/Rivera post.  Apparently the fanboys only troll for big headlines, mainly with small words.

    7. Rob² said...

      @Jeff V. – Don’t underestimate the control factor.  These things happen as much to gratify an ego as they do to gratify anything else.

    8. Rob² said...

      I wrote this on the other thread, but since ESPN canned Harold Reynolds for much, much less, you can be sure that Phillips has broadcast his last game on the Worldwide Leader.

    9. Jack Marshall said...

      The Dodger fans and management are estopped from being upset with Manny for this, the most predictable conduct imaginable from a guy who has never given a damn about anyone but himself.

    10. k said...

      It’s a wee bit like saying “first” when you’re not when the first commenter is actually 13 years younger thabnn , but born in 1972 – got the joke. And I am not 40 for another three years, darn it. I’m still under 40! On the other hand, my coworker, very politically aware and all that, born in 1985 did not get it, 50 year old boss did.

    11. blaze said...

      Didn’t we just have this conversation? There’s nothing ironic about a black fly in your chardonnay. Gross and bad damn luck, but not ironic. Barely 40, and of course I got it. Your readers are way smart.

    12. The Rabbit said...

      Once again, you have raised my curiousity. I’m not impressed with Larry King or his fluff but I would be surprised if he pulled the number $700M out of thin air.
      I read your comments regarding the Wilpons. You may be absolutely correct that the alleged losses may have been reported account balances vs. the account withdrawal, but, I’d really love to read the actual trustee filing. I was unable to read the entire WSJ article but the original filing would be much more informative. (My day job prior to retirement was director of competitive analysis of large investment and financial services companies for a well-known financial services company.)
      In light of inmate Madoff’s activities, I’m curious as to when the Wilpons withdrew $571 million (given that so many suffered actual losses of original investment) and if they had personal money invested that was not part of the Mets Limited Partnership. If so, if that money was “lost” or whether it too was withdrawn. I would think that the trustee would be looking into all major withdrawals.

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