My Morning in Exile

As brushes with celebrity go, this is pretty good. Not as good as that time I was at the urinal next to a totally wasted Marshall Faulk at the Bellagio during the Rams’ bye-week in the 2001-02 playoffs, put pretty good.

  • Yankee Stadium has been quiet . . . too quiet [arrow flies into back; keels over dead in front of his second in command; rest of calvary unnerved]
  • Jeter calls his two-strike bunt attempt “dumb.” If my experience is any guide, Jeter fans are really going to let Jeter have it for criticizing Jeter like that.
  • Great ratings so far. And an exciting Series for pitchingphiles like me.
  • I think the Red Sox are putting on some Kabuki theater when it comes to the Jason Bay negotiations.
  • Leave A-Rod alone.
  • Some more bad calls last night. Though to be fair, neither of which would have been noticed if it weren’t for the really bad ones earlier in the postseason. Bonus: I use a different permutation of the hacky “Empire Strikes Back” thing in the headline. I’m so damn clever I ought to be made King Clever, ruler of all of Cleverland.
  • The next night, also at the Bellagio, I saw Fred Schneider of the B52s dining alone at Circo. If you made a list of 1000 celebrities who you’d expect to see dining alone, would Fred Schneider ever be on it? I figured that the “Love Shack” video was one of his home movies.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      It took me years to figure out what JohnSterling was talking about when he dubbed someone a “Punch and Judy hitter”.  It means a hack swinging wildly at any pitch, but could have denoted any Yankee trying to bunt (or, pretty much, steal) Jeter, Master of the Universe as he is, uses this too cute by half measure, very rarely to any effect.  If you are on a team with the most HRs in the Majors, why the $%%^ does anyone BUNT?
      As for AJ, game 5 he may surprisingly hit a ball
      Leave ARod alone, indeed, or live to regret your transgressions, thanks Craif for taking up a cause I find abundantly clear.
      Still Yankees in five, except an El Duque heir shows up, and you know Joe Einstein.

    2. MJ said...

      …too quiet [arrow flies into back; keels over dead in front of his second in command; rest of calvary unnerved]

      So you are saying that the Yankskilled Jesus?  Oh great, another thing to add onto the “Evil Empire” wink

    3. Mode:Theif and Lair said...

      Since he’s such a fragile guy who is being unfairly critized by Derek Jeter, I’m going to defend Derek Jeter.

      The odd part is that a buddy and I actually had a general conversation about bunting with 2 strikes during the season.

      1. Once you’re down 0-2, your chances of getting a hit are around 10%-15%
      2. You have the element of surprise, making your chances of actually beating out a bunt a little higher
      3. Jeter grounds into a lot of double plays which is exacerbated by having to widen his strike zone with 2 strikes.

      Ok, with that said, when it happened I actually muttered “What the $&%# are you doing bunting with 2 strikes.”  I think common sense in the face of a little logic came through in the clutch.

    4. Jack Marshall said...

      Is that really what “Punch and Judy hitter” means? I always assumed it meant a middling contact hitter with no power whose hits were bloops, bleeders, dunks and Texas League singles. No? Because those are the kinds of hitters I’ve always heard the term applied to. Nobody called Wily Mo Pnea a “Punch and Judy” hitter, and he swung as wildly as I’ve ever seen.
      Maybe John Sterling has hsi own definition…

    5. YankeesfanLen said...

      It’s difficult to translate John Sterling most of the time. I try my best from the original Sanskrit into North Jerseyese.

    6. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

      @Jack – You are right about the definition of “punch and judy hitter” <checks to see if world still spinning> Now, then… Who says we can’t be frenemies?

    7. Jack Marshall said...

      I want to apologize to everyone here and Wily Mo Pena for the typos in my last post. In my defense, I was in the process of having a stroke.

    8. Jack Marshall said...

      And I have the inscription right here, in my copy of “Tom Sawyer”: “No man is a failure who has frienemies.” So true. So true.

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