My Morning in Exile

Not sure why I’m writing this — I’m guessing most readers are off work today for Guy Fawkes Day and everything — but for those of you in essential services . . .

  • Did the Yankees buy their championship? You may not be surprised to learn that this one has sparked quite a debate among economically illiterate people over at the Blue Network!
  • Jimmy Rollins thinks the Phillies are still the better team. If you don’t believe him, he has a bunch of video evidence — all on Beta — to back it up!
  • A trip around the blogosphere for morning after reactions. Not surprisingly there are disparate opinions about all of this. Abortions for some, miniature American flags for others!
  • The goggles! They do . . . something!
  • The McCourts go to court. They didn’t ask me, but if I were Jamie’s shyster, I’d move for a bad court thingee the moment Frank opened his mouth.
  • Glad the series ended last night. If it had gone to Game 7, I’d have a living room half full of baseball fans and half full of people commemorating the unravelling of the Gunpowder Plot! AWK-ward!

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    1. MJ said...

      I’d have a living room half full of baseball fans and half full of people commemorating the unravelling of the Gunpowder Plot! AWK-ward!

      A Guy Fawkes reference, this is what I’m going to miss when you hit CTB full time smile

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Oh, I’ll still drop that stuff. I’ll just have two dozen people calling me a moron for doing so.

    3. Mode said...

      I just wanted to give props to John the “PHILLIES IN __ MARK MY WORDS” guy.  He was the first commentor on the first post about the Yankees winning the championship.  Very classy fan.

      In truth, much like a bad Letterman joke that gets a little funnier as he beats the $&@# out of it, John entertained me.

    4. MJ said...

      Oh, I’ll still drop that stuff. I’ll just have two dozen people calling me a moron for doing so.

      Better than them threatening to punch you in the face, oh wait…

    5. MooseinOhio said...

      Can’t wait until the day when the champagne celebration is fully commercialize and another revenue generator for team.  I can hear Joe Buck now:

      “Reporting live from the Degree Anti-perspirant ‘we can take the heat’ victor locker room for the Korbel, the true champion of sparkling wines,  champagne celebration brought to you live by Oakley eye, the official google of victory celebration around the world, Tim ‘Sing me another’ McCarver.

    6. YankeesfanLen said...

      Wow- they sure get rambunctious over there at the Control The Bladder section.  Did I really see someone pontificate that baseball was down the tubes because the Pirates won’t spend money and so his kid renounced it for Steelers football because that is as pure as the driven snow?
      Well, I should be glad- if Girardi were calling plays for the Giants we would be 0-8.

    7. lar said...

      You know, I thought it was bad when I realized that I didn’t get Veteran’s Day off, but now you make me realize that I don’t get Guy Fawkes Day off? It makes someone want to start using a lot of “V-words” in his speech…

    8. MooseinOhio said...

      Completely off the topic question here.

      Exactly where are the servers located for THT – Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI or someplace in the Caribbean? 

      I notice that the time stamp on the posting is in Atlantic Standard Time or I am in some kind of time-space continuum and if that is the case I would love to opportunity to go back and correct all the typos I had in the previous post.  Trying to rush one in before meeting with a student certainly impacts the quality of the writing.

    9. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Something went screwy with the end of DST. It starts posts an hour ahead. OK, cool. So I click off the “apply DST” option in the time stamp. Then it automatically changes the time. But then when I post it’s back forward again.

      The key is to be smarter than the blog publisher, and I am failing miserably in that regard.

    10. MooseinOhio said...

      I was kind of hoping it was the time-space continuum explanation as the ramifications of that could be very interesting.

    11. APBA Guy said...

      I’m not sure what was more entertaining, your post on the Yankees or the commentary over at NBC.

      The Yankees were an excellent team this year, and they won the Series. Next year they will be a year older in some key spots (catcher, SS, corner OF) and they still are unsettled at starters 4 & 5.

      The problem for people who hate the Yankees is that Cashman and the rest of the Yankee brain trust are smart guys with money to spend. They passed on Johann Santana’s free agency to move on Sabathia. With Giambi’s expired contract money they signed Texeira. Mussina’s money went to AJ. Lacking a reliable 4th starter for the playoffs, Girardi rested his top 3 starters to use a 3 man rotation in the postseason.

      All those moves worked well this year. Most years you make moves and some work, some don’t. It will be fascinating to see how they address their 2010 problems this offseason.

      I’m not a Yankee fan, but I certainly respect what they did to build this team.

    12. Grant said...

      Oh my. That was a lot of comments.

      Anyway, Kevin Cowherd is a hack. He failed upward from sports columnist (his job now belongs to Peter Schmuck, an identical hack) to homeless man’s Dave Barry humor columnist. Do not trust him.

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