My Morning in Exile

When you have Wednesday off work, Thursday is Monday. Considering that Monday sucks and that I never really got the hang of Thursdays, I’m just really off my game today. Maybe I’d feel better if opposing counsel in one of my cases were to call me and say he was going to “take a meat axe” to me. Damn, that happened this morning too, and it only made me feel happy for a little while. Sigh.

  • You know you’ve done something wrong in this world when lying drug dealer who was once implicated in an alleged date-rape drug incident (and lied to police about it) sues you for defamation of character . . . and has the stronger case.
  • The whole Mauer-is-talking-to-the-Twins thing from yesterday? Nope. There’s no there there. Which reminds me: he’s not talking to Oakland either.
  • .

  • The only thing I could think that would be worse for a player than being released is to be traded to the Venezuelan League.
  • We interrupt this “Yankees Buy Everyone!” complaint-fest to report that the Angels may in fact be willing and able to keep their high profile free agents.
  • Seeing Derek Jeter in another team’s uniform would be like, hell, I dunno, seeing Michael Jordan or Joe Montana playing for someone other than the Bulls and 49ers. Wait. Bad examples.
  • One day there will be only two categories of former Braves players: those who the Royals have signed, and those who died before they got the chance. Though I hear that Moore is willing to give Lefty Tyler a look-see.
  • I should totally set up a status conference in the case with the meat axe guy for November 30th.

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    1. MikeS said...

      Maybe seeing Jeter out of pinstripes would be like seeing Brett Favre in something other than green and gold.

      Wait, that one doesn’t work either.

    2. G2 said...

      Apparently I’m a moron, I didn’t know what a meat axe was.  So I looked it up.  Other than being a term for a butcher knife, it’s also slang for penis.

      have fun.

    3. John_Michael said...

      Please forgive me for potentially adding the element of logic into the Clemens legal strategy, but at first glance this appears to be a good example of the Dollar Auction example in game theory.

      At this point, both sides will certainly lose more than what they had originally planned on gaining with the lawsuit, but to give up now would be to effectively forfeit winning the defamantion case.  They can’t recoup the money/reputation they’ve already invested in the situation, however they can reclaim a fraction of it by playing legal chicken.

    4. RJK said...

      A meat axe?  To you or your case?  Has to be a Cleveland lawyer.  The Columbus bar is way to collegial for that to occur.  Just send him each request for discovery in separate sections.

    5. YankeesfanLen said...

      I’m really having a problem with this End-Of-Shysterville stuff. It came from noticing most of the commentors over at the Blue Network don’t read and respond to other remarks (well, maybe except for ohmygoodness-my stars and garters types)but just read the headlines and part of the first paragraphs when they put in their own capitialized point of view. 
      All my buddies are over here and it’s getting pretty cold to hold the company picnic. Craig, please continue MMIE here, I promise we’ll attend.
      Now, what’s all this stuff about “Yankees Buy Everyone”?  It’s never drawn my notice.

    6. MJ said...

      If the Angels fail to sign Lackey and he moves on to the Yankees… he will in fact be dead to me.

      Hopefully the Yanks don’t sign him.  Resign Pettitte to a one year deal, Chamberlain and Hughes for the 4&5 with Kennedy/Nova/McAllister waiting in AAA (and Mitre Gaudin and possibly Wang).

    7. Rob² said...

      On Clemens, doesn’t his latest defense imply that he was trying to taint a jury pool?  If this was “just P.R.”, then just who were they trying to reach with their comments?

    8. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

      Now, what’s all this stuff about “Yankees Buy Everyone”?  It’s never drawn my notice.

      *Sigh* Perfect example of the kind of humor that you can’t do on the Blue Network. WAY too subtle. Now, excuse me while I b!tch to the clubhouse boy about why I can only get a 9:15 a.m. tee time this Saturday…

    9. ecp said...

      Dayton Moore missed out on one former Brave, but not for lack of trying:  The Dodgers bested him for Andruw Jones.  Interestingly, Andruw apparently MEANT to sign with the Royals, as evidenced by his subsequent performance.  He was apparently confused by the virtually identical uniforms.

    10. YankeesfanLen said...

      OK, Wooden, you got me.  But I have been encouragd by an effete corps of imputent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.

    11. Wooden U. Lykteneau said...

      @YFL – You’ve been posting on MassLive instead?

      In all seriousness, I don’t bother to post on NBC for the very reasons you cite. It’s like pro wrestling without the panache.

    12. YankeesfanLen said...

        Hey, I being a Saux-hating Yankees fanboy here.  Not one of those nattering nabobs of negativism.
        Now, we have to find out from The Rabbit how much her layaway payments are for the Pirates.  I hope she bought the Bruney Bonus Pack.

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