My Morning in Exile

Slow day, so I scan the news. Great (Captain Robert Falcon) Scott! Or was it Shackleton?

  • AL Cy Young today. Greinke should get it, but the writers once gave the damn thing to Jack McDowell for cryin’ out loud, so who knows?
  • For relaxing times, make it Takahashi time.
  • Cancel the candlelight vigil: the ballplayers who had money with Allen Stanford aren’t going to get sued.
  • The Mets want to be in the Joel Piniero business.
  • Caveat Emptor on Pedro.
  • I take a second pass at the Twins’ new uniforms.
  • Roald Amundsen: the Chase Utley of explorers. Discuss.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Greinke may be the most talented pitcher in MLB so maybe I’ll be a Royals fan until he gets traded. By doing so I’ll be able to follow my favorite ex-Yankee, Kyle.(how many no-decisions did he help Zack with?)
      Over at the Blue Network, is EvilEmpireE(sic)2009 really comeonman, much as your Batman alternative persona?

    2. MJ said...

      Over at the Blue Network, is EvilEmpireE(sic)2009 really comeonman, much as your Batman alternative persona?

      Hmm bad grammar, lots of ellipses, typing in all caps, yup sounds like him (used to be hotdog or something like that too).

      Also, I believe it’s Kyle (Neveryourmoneys)Worth smile

    3. ecp said...

      The KC bullpen engaged in equal-opportunity Greinke screwing by taking turns handing him no decisions.  Pretty much everybody got a shot in.  Kyle “The Human Torch” Farnsworth was only responsible once.

    4. Andrew said...

      It was Shackleton.  Also an amazing note- Shackleton, despite his expedition going horribly wrong, didn’t lose a single man in their journey.

    5. Brian said...

      Craig, that’s a very apt comparison.  Amundsen never got his due in the public because of that publicity hound Shackleton.  The Norwegians know he was the man, though.  My wife and I went to a museum in Oslo that was all about the Fram and it’s exploration of both the Arctic and Antarctic.  Good stuff.

    6. MooseinOhio said...

      Good news Tribe fans all your pitchers should be staying with the team for all of next season as Greinke won in a landslide.

      Wonder if Dayton Moore is interested in any of the Red Sox prospects?

    7. Gilbert said...

      “DeSoto? What did he do? “
      Got run out of town with Bowden, he did.  That was Jose Rijo, not Mario Soto?  I sometimes mix them up.

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