My Morning in Exile

Had my last Monday morning staff meeting this morning. Next Monday: it’s me, my cat, my Ipod, my pajamas, a pot of coffee and a big bowl of Count Chocula. Until then:

  • Omar Vizquel is Snake Eyes to Ozzie Guillen’s Storm Shadow.
  • Comment of the day comes from Len over at NBC: “Hey, Frenchie might hit a double!”
  • A-Rod’s cousin’s house is being foreclosed upon. There’s a good chance that it’s a walkaway as opposed to a hardship case, and the piece itself quotes someone saying that A-Rod is still taking care of the guy financially, but don’t let that stop the Daily News from portraying this as a situation in which A-Rod threw his family under the bus and then abandoned him. That’s just how they do.
  • If they throw in another $6 million I’ll take Mike Lowell off the Red Sox’ hands. I could use some veteran presence around the house.
  • Not having enough scouts is the new inefficiency.
  • The biggest difference between blogging full time and blogging part time is that when you blog full time, you pretty much have to opine on things like the backup catcher market. I’m cool with that. In fact, going forward, I’m going to view making innocuous stories like that interesting as a creative challenge.
  • As I mentioned the other day, the job change is tempting me to take a stab at reviving my long dead personal blog. I make no promises that it will keep going — two blogs tends to be a challenge — but I’ve got a new post up today. It won’t be anything like my baseball writing in terms of volume — if I get one or two new things up a week over there I’ll be happy. And if it dies again, hell, it dies.

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    1. MJ said...

      [Aaron’s post, but still at CTB so I figure it’s fair game]Wow – Ochocinco

      I think you forgot someone, Aaron—Mariano Rivera. He is so old and what he has done throughout Yankee’s history especially in the post-season being on so many great teams, he really deserves this award even if he didn’t put up great numbers this year. If the Royals had Mo closing out ballgames, instead of the Mexicutioner, they would have been playing deep into the post season.

      Just wow

    2. YankeesfanLen said...

      What’s the over/under for you and George working together? 
      Since we really have to at least pay a modicum of attention to football now, I think Rex Ryan would be a good substitue for when they throw Conan off the air.

    3. ecp said...

      MJ, that is hilarious.  It’s not like Soria has been blowing saves for the Royals – and the Yankees would have gone just as deep into the postseason with Soria closing as they did with Mo.  I guess just knowing Mariano was out in the bullpen would have inspired the Royals to score more runs or something, or maybe play better defense?

    4. Richard in Dallas said...

      There was an interesting profile on Omar on the local FoxSports that carries all the Rangers games. He is MOST personable, extremely intelligent about baseball (and a lot of other stuff, too). On a road trip to NY, they followed him, among other places, on a visit to the MMA. He is just as outgoing, but the antithesis of Ozzie. As a Ranger fan, I hate to see Omar go. Any team that aquires him in any capacity will be better for having done so. His mentoring of Elvis Andrus helped the uber-talented young-un mature into what now can be a top shelf every day shortstop in the bigs, and his versatility across the infield is invaluable whenever another player goes down. His interaction with the younger players on the team (which would be ALL of them)had an effect on this team that thrust them into a pennant race that they were only supposed to be able to watch from a distance. There is no reason to believe that his impact in Chicago would be any different. Good for the Sox.

    5. Josh Fisher said...

      Who (I say WHO) is this rogue Detroit voter putting Verlander ahead of Greinke and now Cabrera in front of Mauer (costing him the unanimous MVP)?

      BBRAA malpractice.

    6. MJ said...

      Who (I say WHO) is this rogue Detroit voter putting Verlander ahead of Greinke and now Cabrera in front of Mauer (costing him the unanimous MVP)?

      BBRAA malpractice.

      A writer from Seattle, check the other thread.

    7. The Rabbit said...

      I’m thinking that Lowell might not be a bad fit for the Phillies.
      Love the “dead” blog. Hope you can keep it going even if it’s just to do a variation of MMIE.
      BTW: At your age, I had just about the same number of jobs. Most of that was due to the fact that I was politically connected and my employers (NJ politicians/lawyers)kept going to jail.  It was a very entertaining time in my life.

    8. Kevin S. said...

      Heh, I go by “Frenchie” in various other parts of the internet, and every time I see something referring to Failcoeur by that name, I do a double-take.

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