My Morning in Exile

I actually came in to work today because I figured my last day should be a Friday. I’m like the only attorney in the whole office. Even better? They entrusted me with the coffee club money to pay the guy from the catering company who comes by on Fridays. What’s stopping me from running off with the $26 they gave me? For that matter, what’s to stop me from running off with laptops, video conferencing equipment and The Great Seal of the State of Ohio? I’ll tell you what: Ethics. You double-cross once – where’s it all end?

  • If you’re over 35 it’s hanky time.
  • The Jays more or less tell Rod Barajas to take his flunky and dangle.
  • Ohlendorff, eh? You want a job? You got references? You been to college? We ONLY take yeggs what’s been to college, ain’t that right, Dane?
  • Seein’ Kevin Towers mope around with no job ruins Brian Cashman’s, whaddya call it, “joy de veever”? So he’s gonna probably give him one.
  • Andy MacPhail: Orioles fans don’t like it when you give ‘em the high hat.
  • Jose Contreras may not have a lot left in the tank, but the old man’s still an artist with a Thompson.
  • OK, that last one was a stretch, but I had it in me mind to do all of these with “Miller’s Crossing” quotes, and that’s the best I could do.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Glad to hear that the words “The Great Seal of the State of Ohio” appear right upon the emblem, to prevent misidentification.  New Jersey’s only says “Liberty and Prosperity”, both of which are suspect these days. Doesn’t the “Great Seal” appear in Sandusky in season?

    2. Dan Whitney said...

      Funny, I was actually just telling my wife yesterday that I was thinking about renting Miller’s Crossing. I haven’t seen it in about eight years but something made me think of it. Then I wake up and read ATH at the breakfast table and it’s littered with Miller’s Crossing.

    3. InnocentBystander said...

      I clicked through your State Seal link to view all the states. Now I can only wonder, what makes some State Seals “Great”? As an employee of a state government (well, for 4 more hours), I expect an answer!

      For the record, my favorite is Alaska. How can you not like a State Seal that includes a picture of a seal?!? That is great! …hmmm, I think I just answered my own question.

    4. John_Michael said...

      Craig, the O’s article resulted in a decent tally of comments.  Maybe Balmer isn’t all about The Wire and Natty Boh afterall…

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