My Morning in Exile

When you blog, you do it from your mother’s basement. When you blog for NBC, you do it from Meredith Vieira’s basement.

  • Wily Mo Pena signs with the Mets for the second time.
  • Matt Cain needs to take matters into his own hands.
  • The Boyer-Barten trade was a win-win thing, I think. Or not. Hell, I don’t know. Ask Tim Dierkes or Rob Neyer or someone. I tell jokes for a living.
  • The Angels have nowhere to go but up. And
  • They sure serve some fancy vittles at them thar fancy cee-ment ballparks.
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    1. Doug said...

      Can I just say that I hate the way the NBC blog is set up.  You click Read More and there is like 1 sentence or sometimes nothing else, and it takes forever for the pages to load. Most of the articles are short enough that you could just show the whole article.

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Doug—we know.  It’s a glitch in the Matrix that we’re still trying to fix.  The blog platform there is something that was developed for about 18 different publishing outlets, many of which are geared towards short, two sentence things or headlines or whatever.  We’re trying to get the powers that be to fix that, but like anything else in a large organization, it’s a process.

      As a workaround, I have taken to writing everything “above the jump” unless it’s really, truly long so that people don’t have to jump through.  Aaron is doing that for the most part too.  I think shortly we’re going to have the message changed from “click to read the rest of the article” to “click to comment” or something until the actual platform gets fixed.

      1000 pardons for the hassles. Just know that it’s bothering us every bit as much as it’s bothering you.

    3. themarksmith said...

      On the Boyer trade, I’m not sure there are too many openings for him, but I’m okay with the trade considering the circumstances. About the waiver process, I don’t think he ever passed through waivers. To my knowledge, a player, once DFA’d, can either be released, traded, or placed on waivers within 10 days. During those ten days, most teams try to trade the player, telling the teams that someone higher in the waiver order might claim them before that team gets a chance and that they won’t release the player and would put him in AAA if not claimed. I think most teams try to trade within 10 days and subsequently pass him through waivers if nothing comes of it.

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