My Morning in Exile

I didn’t sleep so well last night, so I’m not quite as proud as a peacock today. Maybe proud as a bright cardinal. A pheasant at most:

  • Miguel Cabrera isn’t going anywhere, but it might be fun to imagine he is.
  • The Giants and the Diamondbacks are doing a good job marketing to ethnic minorities.
  • I linked to Geoff’s article about the Ozzie Smith-Gary Templeton trade, but let’s eliminate the middle man and go right to it.
  • Is Gary Sheffield Cooperstown bound? How about Fred McGriff?
  • Mike Scioscia has been running out some funky lineups. And
  • Happy Earth Day. In celebration, I printed off 50,000 information sheets explaining how to save the environment and will now drive them all over the city in a truck while clubbing baby harp seals with rare rain forest foliage and eating panda steaks. Anyone else want in on this?
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