My Morning in Exile

A comment I received to one of my NBC posts this morning:

Craig, I understand that you are an MSNBC employee, but this isn’t a “News Event” piece. It’s an “Opinion” piece. An opinion I largely share, incidentally, but listing this as news instead of opinion seems to be ethically murky, particularly by a professional.

So there you have it; blogs can’t offer opinion. I hope that guy doesn’t go reading my archives from the past two years or else I’ll be in real trouble. Anyway:

  • A profoundly unscientific and unserious look at how A-Rod performs when coming back from controversy.
  • Milton Bradley gives good quote.
  • Cal Ripken will take your money to come speak at your banquet, but if you think he’s going to eat with you or talk to you, you have another thing coming.
  • The Red Sox are almost done with the west coast for the season. Screw that, let’s bring back the balanced schedule.
  • Finally, Ken Burns tips off where his upcoming “10th Inning” sequel to “Baseball” will be coming from. Hint: less sepia, more Winstrol.
  • And once again I have to aplogize to you, dear readers. I have a huge brief that has to be filed today, and I’m nowehere near done with it. That means that I have to pry myself away from the blog this afternoon.

    I promise sanity and more regular posting will resume on Monday.

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    1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

      ~*~+~*~+~* <i>Coming Monday<i>: All new Shysterball, now more bloggy with less malpracticeness ~*~+~*~+~*

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Actually, I make no promises there. I’ll probably continue to bungle my law practice in the same manner I have for the past 11 years.

    3. Mark said...

      Arg. The saying it “another think coming”! And don’t get me started on apostrophes and the subjunctive!

    4. Matt Mitchell said...

      Craig, I think you’ve misinferred what that NBC commenter meant there. Look at the tag under the post title. All he told you was that it was wrongly tagged, and I would presume he would agree with you that you can offer opinion on a blog.

    5. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Matt—I do believe you’re right.  I have gone back to the thread where the comment first appeared and apologized to the commenter.

      In my defense, I don’t think I’ve ever noticed those tags before, and wasn’t aware that I could change them (still not sure I can; I’m going to look now).


    6. dtro said...

      “Another thing coming” is, in my opinion, a better, more all-encompassing and useful phrase than “another think coming.” Thing just sounds better than think. I applaud your use of it Craig, and if anyone thinks I’m going to change the phrase I say just because I’m saying it “wrong,” well they got another thing coming.

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