My Morning in Exile

Slightly abbreviated morning, as I was called unexpectedly to court at 10AM. I’m just getting back now, though if you are called to court with zero notice and aren’t thrown in jail for something, you have to call it a victory. I did get some quick hits up, however:

  • My take on that DNA testing story from the New York Times.
  • Nothing continues to happen in the Roy Halladay saga.
  • No telling how he’ll do in an actual round, but Pedro looks pretty good on the driving range.
  • The tabloids are very close to admitting that A-Rod is a clutch god. They just have to ease their way into it.
  • Finally, if you believe ESPN, the Nats are nowhere near signing Strasburg. If you believe the Washington Times, things are progressing nicely. If you rely on either of those two outlets as the primary news source, well, God help you.
  • I have some annoying lawyer things to do as a result of my impromptu hearing this morning, so it may be a tad slow today. But never fear: I will be checking in with some posts as my boredom waxes and will to work wanes throughout the afternoon.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      I could tell the A-Rod article you were quoting was going to be ol’ Filip. When’s Lupica onna retire, I’m ready, editor, put me in.
      Leave Mark d and Anthony McCarron alone. Just because there’s nothing but a dark cloud over the river.

    2. Mike Eller said...

      I saw on that the Phillies will not include Drabek in the deal. Why? Does anyone else in baseball value him as more than a 2-3 starter? The whole Drabek thing annoys me even more than the Joba: Starter or Reliever debate.

      With Halladay or without him, the Jays look like they might be faced with the reality that they’re going to be in the cellar in the AL East in the coming years, possibly even by the end of this year.

    3. Jim D. said...

      If the Nats don’t sign Strasburg they might as well just fold. They have the worst team in the majors, a bleak farm system, and on top of that they don’t sign their top pick for TWO straight years? Boras knows they have to cave, and they will. Although a year of limited innings and escape from the Nats system may be just what the Doctor ordered for Strasburg.

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