My very long Morning in Exile

I pulled double duty over at the Blue Network today. Let’s get to it:

  • The Angels could be the Tigers’ Huckleberry.
  • The Tigers are allegedly shopping Miguel Cabrera. Unless they think he’s gonna crawl into the bottom of a bottle and never come out again, they probably shouldn’t.
  • Pujols is a lock for the MVP. In all else lies madness.
  • Kenny Williams chews the fat with Bobby Jenks.
  • Great Moments in solving free rider problems.
  • The Twins are gonna try and put a nice little something under their fans’ Christmas trees. If that doesn’t work, plan B is Bakugans.
  • The Angels could be in on Roy Halladay.
  • The post in which I imagine what a conversation between Brian Cashman and Scott Boras may sound like. I leave out the whole bit in which they carve up the Earth-shaped cake, however.
  • Joba and Phil will be “programmed to start.” Is that better than “Licensed to Ill?” How about “Born to Boogie?”
  • The owners have a lot more money than they used to and they keep a greater percentage of it. Why, then, do people still complain about those “greedy players”?
  • THE Bryan Bullington?!
  • The Mets look good for 2010. At least in some respects.
  • Ah. So that’s what it feels like to blog full time. I probably need to start working out more or something, because I’m a bit winded.

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    1. Will said...

      It was Pujols in a landslide. And well deserved, too.

      For your general fund of knowledge, Tracy Ringolsby posted his vote at Inside the Rockies.

      Tracy Ringolsby (author)  said:

      For those who are interested, I did have an NL MVP vote and here is how I voted:

      1. Albert Pujols
      2. Troy Tulowitzki
      3. Chase Utley
      4. Hanley Ramirez
      5. Prince Fielder
      6. Andre Ethier
      7. Pablo Sandoval
      8. Adrian Gonzalez
      9. Huston Street
      10. Adam Wainwright

      Seems reasonable to me, speaking as a Rockies fan.

    2. Bob Rittner said...

      I know the comment about Bullington is jokey, but I think the Royals are doing some smart things so far, and one of them is signing pitchers like Bullington and Campillo. They cost nothing and might contribute, and it does not preclude them doing other more promising things.

      Last year, for the first time, Bullington became a full time reliever-in Las Vegas which I believe is an extreme hitters’ environment and league. Here is a rate line on his 38.1 innings:

      9.9 Hits   0.5 Home runs   1.6 BBs   10.1 Ks   1.28WHIP

      It means little given the sample size and his history, but sometimes failed starters become productive relievers, and they can be useful either in the bullpen, as system depth or as part of a trade later. No risk, possible benefit, however unlikely or minor. The idea is to fill the system with cheap talent while pursuing other more significant advantages and hope that one may emerge to help in some way.

    3. christopher said...

      Does anyone have an idea on how much teams are spending on other expenses, such as scouting, draft, non-player payroll, facilities, advertising, etc. It could be that these expenditures have gone up over the past 15 years.  I have no doubt the owners and teams are turning a healthy profit, but it seems a bit lazy to say that the owners are making more just because the players are getting a smaller share of the revenue*. 

      *i’m not taking the owners side here at all, btw, just raising the point.

    4. Drew said...

      Kudos to Ringo for sensibly including Chase Utley on his ballot.  Once again, Ryan Howard finishes towards the top of the voting, and Chase’s name isn’t mentioned in the results article at  If I wasn’t a Mets fan, I think I’d really like Chase.

    5. Daniel said...

      The right person obviously won the MVP, and outside of that, everything is of little importance.  But Utley finishing 8th?  Really?  When someone is looking back on Utley’s HoF candidacy (and it’s by no means a sure thing at this point), they’re going to see his MVP finishes (13, 8, 7, 14, and 8 during his prime) and wonder.  What does the best fielding and best base-running second baseman in the game (who also happens to hit a little) have to do to get some love?

      Also, if the Angels can get Halladay for Saunders + 2 prospects, I will be giddy.

    6. YankeesfanLen said...

      “Consistancy is the hobgoblin of small minds”
      You almost turned around on yourself, Craig, with the crack at the end of tha Mauer article, then Brian working, or being worked, by the King Gatekeeper.  But this I can forgive.
      A few among the Universe can well live with both the M & M boys staying in the Twin Cities.  The few times a year we meet them all goes swimmingly.  TigersfanRob is much more upset and glad to hear the pizza-and-casino money will hold up to keep some Motown hopes alive.
      There again……how much more time does Posada have?  Just (not) kidding, it’s in my DNA.

    7. Jason @ IIATMS said...

      “start working out more”?  I still say +10 lbs once you realize your pantry full of snacks can actually talk to you.

      They will call on you more than the telemarketers, but you won’t ignore them like you do the phone calls.

      You’ll heed the call of the chips and cookies.

      +10 lbs.  Easy.

    8. Ron said...

      It’s simple really. Utley missed 6 games and at least 30 plate appearances. It’s been clearly established that someone who is injured and misses time during the season can’t be listed anywhere higher than 4th on the ballot.

      Because their season can’t be nearly as good as someone who played the entire year.

      Maybe next year, when Utley quits being a wuss and plays the entire season, he’ll have a chance to finish higher in the balloting.

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