Nats tickets? Really?

From the military police blotter:

The Marine Corps said Monday a sergeant charged with faking war injuries to obtain freebies intended for wounded warriors will plead guilty . . . The 34-year-old Marine from Springhill, La., faces eight counts carrying prison terms of up to 31 years. He is accused of bluffing his way into 33 events last year, including six rock concerts, two Washington Nationals baseball games and a Washington Redskins football game.

I understand the rock concerts and Redskins games. Those are expensive! But why anyone would risk their freedom and honor over Nats tickets is beyond me. They have roughly the same value of a spent Metro card, don’t they?

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  1. Mark Armour said...

    I went to a Nats game this summer.  They were hosting the Padres in a crucial August series.  Three of us spent $75 each to sit a few rows behind the Padres dugout.  It was a great game (extra inning walkoff win), great seats, and certainly worth the expense.  My experience may have been atypical, but I would love go back the next time I am in DC.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    I think it might be Orioles tickets that are truly worthless. The Nats ballpark isn’t far from the Marine barracks on 8th & I St, SE. You could walk that, or hobble it if you’re faking, and save the Metro fare or parking.

  3. KR said...

    Had part of a season ticket package to the Nats this year (two seats x 9 games). Couldn’t make it to one of the games and tried to sell them off. Eventually was able to… they went for at least three spent Metro cards!

  4. Bill B. said...

    I went to the game where the Nats gave away $1 tickets. Our seats were excellent, the stadium was great, the food was decent and not too pricy, and the game was decent.

    While I would not fake war injuries to go to a Nationals game, it’s certainly not a bad experience.

  5. J. McCann said...

    +1 on the fun time at the park.

    I went for the series versus Milwaukee and got to see Dunn hit 2 huge bombs (Friday and Sunday).

    It’s like a fun minor league atmosphere, but bigger.  I also scored amazing seats for a good price for the Friday game.  (We were sitting a few seats away from Dunn’s bomb on Sunday.)

  6. DonCoburleone said...

    Come on Craig you’ve said it yourself, there is just something really cool/serene about watching a baseball game in an empty stadium. Maybe this guy just feels the same way you do?

  7. Jason B said...

    Pretty sure the Nats and O’s could both beat the ‘skins.

    At either baseball or football.

    *Scans real estate listings for Jim Zorn’s (former) house*

  8. Sim said...

    At least the Nats give their fans a decent stadium experience, if you forget about the on field product. 

    Who in their right mind would scramble for Redskins tickets?  This franchise is the biggest joke in all of pro sports, with no hope for meaningful improvement short of an unlikely ownership change.  On top of that, the FedEx Field experience is both unpleasant and too expensive, even if the tickets themselves are free.

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