NBC Comment of the Day

I’m not really making this a daily feature, but today was a red-letter commenting day, so I have to offer the best:

There’s no sense arguing with Craig. He is the “know all, “be all” and “end all” of everything related to “the list” or in existence for that matter and we should bow to his greatness! His moral superiority is breathtaking and his wit is unmatched even by God himself. I am going to name every male child and even pets I ever have “Craig” and the females “C.C.” in his honor. I only hope one day I have to ultimate pleasure of meeting Craig or at least knowing of a place he has walked so I may bow down and kiss the ground he walks on.

He had a couple of paragraphs after that, but I didn’t read them. I can only assume that they were filled with similar, genuine praise, devoid of sarcasm or ulterior motive . . .

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  1. lar said...

    It must be nice to finally get the praise that you deserve, Craig. This guy clearly understands just how much of a privilege it is for us to be in your presence. I’ve been dying to get people to finally recognize that about me. You must be feeling pretty good today.

  2. Michael said...

    I’ve been trying to figure out how I can turn this into a T-Pain-sux thread like the last one, but I got nothin’.

    Unless the commenter was doing it from a boat.

  3. Bob Tufts said...

    Another example why people should blog with their own name and take ownership of their words – to enhance their reputation when they are right and to make them re-read their comments to avoid sounding incredibily moronic.

  4. MooseinOhio said...

    The passionate irrationality of some people is both mind-boggling and frustrating to deal with as arguments are not based on any logical basis. 

    Please for the life of me nobody mention that President Obama is actually Kenyan and not qualified to be President.  D’oh!

  5. YankeesfanLen said...

    Legalities aside, doesn’t the Fourth Estate realize that the names they clamor for will wear out as quickly as a “beer summit”?
    You have some great bouncers here, Craig, they keep out the riff-raff that you get on the Blue Network and the 8000 daily American Idols that show up at LoHud.

  6. hermitfool said...

    The problem with importing comments from the NBC site is the risk of polluting this site with garbage posters, who except for MooseinOhio and his unwelcome political crappola, are usually rational and fair-minded compared to the shallow end of the gene pool swimmers who respond to the NBC web site.

  7. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Well said, Len.  I’ve kept out of the LoHud commenting for a while…. That CTB thread was mindnumbing to try to follow.

  8. The Rabbit said...

    Craig, I don’t how you can read that stuff. It appears that many of your NBC readers must originate from my part of the U.S. There are no family trees here, mostly family bushes.
    You mean Obama is not Kenyan? I thought having a Kenyan President might be a good thing given the luck we’ve had with American Presidents.

  9. michael standish said...

    As Lenny Bruce said in one of his movie parody routines, “I’m sorry now I gave him that library card.”

    Looking on the bright side, he’s funnier than the Mitchell Report.

  10. John Willumsen said...

    I agree with Bob Tufts. As such I’m laying down my J.W. moniker and switching to actual name. Gotta own your comments.

  11. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Welcome Mr. Willumsen!

    For what it’s worth, with the exception of a brief few months when I wrote as “shyster” out of a sense of fear, I have commented and written under my full, very Googleable name for basically ever.  I find it to be a very good thing. It encourages responsibility and thought and restraint, and those are very good things indeed, especially on the Internet.

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