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We all had a lot of fun with the Derek Jeter thing yesterday, but I think today brought the absolute best comment ever:

Who of any of you have the right to call the number one hitter ,an all
star,a local hero to thousands of Yankee fans a thief.99% of you could
not carry his jock strap ……….so go suck it up………the man
deserves that sign ,he earned it the ole fashion way ,,,,,,it is part
of his history and not anyone elses,,,,,,,All you poor idiots looking
to make a statement on a ball player ,,,who are you Babe ruth cause if

your not then kindly respect the man and be quite

If this was one of you doing a parody, please, don’t tell me. I want to believe . . .

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    And it’s Yankee fans like that who ruin it for the rest of us,,,,

    comma comma comma ALLCAPS ALLCAPS !!!11!1

  2. Steve Stein said...

    The defendant is charged with the wanton destruction by firearm of aquatic organisms in a cylindrical container!

  3. Mode: Theif and Lair said...

    Kind of funny, I was looking for a Brave thief and found that I didn’t remember that the last game at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium was game 5 of the 1996 World Series.  That’s not the funny part though, especially for you Craig (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

    The funny part was that I found an article that quoted Joe Torre.  When asked if he wanted a momento from the final game at the stadium he said “I’ll probably grab something subtle.”

    Joe Torre: Thief (but not Liar)

    Joe Torre, “like a father” to Derek Jeter.  I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. asinkingship said...

    I’d really like to know who is in the 1% who *could* carry Jeter’s jockstrap.

    Also, it amazes me how Yankees fans have more “defensive” abilities than their beloved captain.

  5. Mode: Theif and Lair said...

    I just watched the Joe Mauer video.

    Is this the definition of ironic? A Mauer caught stealing signs story comes out the day after your Jeter stealing a sign story.

    I think “It’s a moral imperative” that you do a story on this.

    Will it hurt Mauer’s MVP chances?  More importantly, where does stealing signs (during a game of course) fall in Mr. Marshall’s list of baseball transgressions?  Before or after stealing a physical sign from the stadium (not during a game, but during a baseball season). 

    Many extra points for knowing the 80’s movie quote from above.

  6. Craig Calcaterra said...

    I did a story on it over at NBC. No real reaction, sadly.

    The moral imperitive language comes from “Real Genius.” First Chris to Mitch, and then Mitch to Chris, later in the movie re: revenge.

  7. scatterbrian said...

    “Also, it amazes me how Yankees fans have more “defensive” abilities than their beloved captain.”


  8. Mode: Theif and Lair said...

    Ah. I usually don’t go over there until after your “exile” post here.

    Ok, you’re now up 27 points on me.

    Thanks for all you do Craig.  I read quite a bit, and rarely comment.  I’ll try to let out the bug that crawled up my ass yesterday.

  9. Dan Whitney said...

    I used to work with a guy who typed like that, five to eight commas between thoughts. It was the strangest thing. I couldn’t understand how management allowed him to send off invoices where memo lines included “recommend to replace generator,,,,, necessary to re-wire harness,,,,,,,, $1325+tax,,, have a great day!!”

  10. TUCK! said...

    @Scatterbrain: And, don’t forget: Lazlo was also in the Billy Crystal/Gregory Hines buddy-cop movie “Running Scared” (with Jimmy Smits as Chicago crime lord Julio Gonzalez). (And is apparently a Royals fan if his IMDB foto is any indication (he said, bringing it back around to baseball).)

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