1. (Not That) Tom said...

    Does that make NBC commenters ther kernels of wisdom in the (b)logs floating in the toilet that is NBC Sports or is that straining the scatalogical analogy too much?

  2. Joe said...

    I assume that these folks are unknowingly perpetuating your continued blogging when they check in to read what they consider to be your inane posts.  I’m guessing from NBC’s standpoint, there’s no such thing as a bad click.

  3. smsetnor said...

    Hop—my apologies: I had meant to order the man holding the gun to your head while you read this blog to stand down, but I forgot. He’s gone now, so you may stop reading and devote more time to complaining about other free, voluntary services that bother you for unspecified reasons.

    Sorry, that was my fav NBC comment of the day.  Well done, Craig.

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