New Dodgertown

Once you got past the sentiment of it all, it was apparent that the Dodgers leaving Vero Beach was long overdue. Now there are some numbers to bear that out (last item):

The Dodgers distributed a total of 131,134 tickets for their 14 home games at Camelback Ranch this spring, an average of 9,367 a game. Their highest average reported attendance at their previous spring training home in Vero Beach, Fla., of 6,504 per game was set in 1991.

I suppose the use of the word “distributed” rather than “sold” could be significant, but there were clearly more butts in the seats and beers in the cup holders in Arizona than there ever was in Florida.

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  1. Bing said...

    We made our first (and likely last) journey to Glendale for Cubs vs. White Sox about a week ago, and were appalled to discover there WERE NO CUP HOLDERS, at least not in our seats.  There was much discussion about who might be resposible for that sort of decision, and decided whomever it was needed to be fired immediately. We also realized our beer-nacho-sunscreen juggling skills were much atrophied after being spoiled at…every other venue in the nation, near as I can tell.

  2. Hols said...

    I agree with Bing.  If Camelback Ranch is going to charge big-league prices for beer, then there ought to be big-league cup holders.

  3. J. McCann said...

    I went to Dodgertown in Vero last spring for my first (and only) time, even though my grandparents lived in the next town over for 30 years.

    It was a pleasant and quaint place, but not up to standard for a MLB mega-franchise.  With some upgrades it would work for a smaller team, especially if they were a Mets’ rival (2 towns over).

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