New Kauffman

Lost in all of the hype over Yankee Stadium and Citi Field is the fact that, for all practical purposes, we have a new Kauffman Stadium this year as well:

In the end, it was decided that there was no need for a new baseball stadium in Kansas City. Instead, Kauffman Stadium would be renovated.
Still, the scope of this project defies that term.

“It’s amazing,” said Royals president Dan Glass, who regularly tours the site. “I know a lot of people have seen the outside of the building, the exterior, and it’s as much a drastic change on the inside, the interior, as it is on the exterior.”

Glass paused and smiled as he mentally paged through the $250 million undertaking.

“We used to call it a renovation, but it really is a brand new facility,” he said.

The article itself doesn’t have a ton of details, but there are links to renderings and webcams of the actual renovations.

Kauffman was always a great park — one of my favorites, actually — and now it looks like it’s even better. Let’s hope that the Royals one day have a team worthy of the place.

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  1. jayhawkowensjunior said...

    This is our year, Craig.  This is our year.  I mean look—we’re tied for first place, aren’t we?

  2. Ron said...

    Still the best park in the majors, if you ask me. It might not have the history of some of the others, or the ‘new fangled, old-fashioned’ look that some of the others have.

    But if you want a place to go watch baseball on a summer evening, you can’t find a better place.

  3. Kelly said...

    After moving to the midwest this past summer, I hope to get a chance to go see the Royals play at Kauffman. It would be my first visit, so I can never miss the “old Kauffman.” I’m sure it’ll be good, because even softball on a summer evening at the local park is a great place to be.

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