New THTF writers and Buy On The Rumor

Hey everyone. I’ve got some exciting news today as we announce a refreshed version of our Buy On The Rumor blog and introduce four new writers into the THTF mix.

When we first introduced our Buy On The Rumor blog, I said that much of what we offer at THTF comes in the way of theory or strategy or even player analysis, but when Marlon Byrd signs with the Cubs, we don’t currently have a medium to convey our thoughts about it. The idea behind Buy On The Rumor was to provide this medium, to provide a way for us to get across succinct analysis about today’s developments in the world of baseball. It would allow us to communicate with you quickly, in an easily accessible format, and provide THTF’s insights into current events. As you’ve probably noticed, though, BOTR hasn’t been very lively this off-season, but that’s about to change.

Today, I’m proud to introduce four great new writers to the THT Fantasy team. These four writers will frequent our Buy On The Rumor, posting their thoughts on player transactions and rumors and whatever else they feel is important. In no particular order, let me introduce you to the new BOTR team:

  • Tommy Rancel, who writes for Beyond the Boxscore and is the Editor-in-Chief over at DRaysBay.
  • Satchel Price, also from Beyond the Boxscore
  • Jon Williams, who writes to his own personal blog called Advanced Fantasy Baseball and who has previously written for RotoExperts, TalentedMrRoto,, and several other places
  • Josh Shepardson, who writes over at Fantasy Baseball Cafe and is a regular in their forums
Welcome aboard, guys!

As always, if any readers have any comments, thoughts, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to shoot me an e-mail. We’re here to provide you with the things you want, and we can only guess at what those things are unless you let us know directly.

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  1. archilochusColubris said...

    Has a Buy on the Rumor feed been created yet? I still can’t find it and it would be super-nice for us that follow THT through RSS.

  2. David Gassko said...

    Hey archilochusColubris,

    Buy On The Rumor posts should come through with all other THT Fantasy columns in your RSS feed. Please let me know if that is not the case.

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