New Twins uniforms revealed

New house, new duds:

Plans for the new uniforms and logos unveiled today include:

  • Primary Home Uniform – The “Twins” script has been slightly altered and updated for 2010 and beyond.
  • Secondary Throwback Uniform – Twins players will wear a circa 1961 throwback uniform on Opening Day as well as every home Saturday during the 2010 season. The uniforms are modeled after the wool version worn during the team’s first season in Minnesota.
  • Primary Road Uniform – Twins players will wear new solid grey road uniforms (no pinstripes) in 2010 featuring a “Minnesota” script inspired by the team’s original “Minnesota” script found on the players jackets from 1961-1986.
  • Some pics available here. Some others here. Personally, I like the elimination of pinstripes on the road, which I think looks impossibly lame. Pinstripes = sharpness. Sharpness demands white. Pinstripes on gray looks terrible.

    I also like the near elimination of the “M” cap (it’s still available in an alternate cap). The TC is one of the coolest logos around. The more of that the better. And of course, as I’ve mentioned many times in the past, the M logo gives me flashbacks to 1987 and 1991, and those Twins teams bummed me out pretty terribly.

    If they really wanted to be cool they would have eliminated the solid blue home alternate which never, ever, ever, ever, ever looks good. On any team. Anywhere. at any time. Solid jerseys that don’t match the pants ought to be banned.

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    1. tbliggins said...

      Agreed on pretty much all fronts.  The TC hat is arguably the best in the game.  The M hat is hideous.  And uniforms definitely should be banned when the solid jerseys don’t match the pants.

    2. Jonas said...

      I agree with you on everything but the blue home uni’s, and that’s mostly because in the last two years or so that jersey has somehow had some good luck, especially for Kevin Slowey.

      But yeah, if it stops working like that, burn it.

    3. Bill@TDS said...

      I have great memories of 1987 and 1991, and feel exactly the same about the M cap. Good riddance to that (almost).

    4. Dberg said...

      Call me crazy, but I actually like the blue uniforms quite a bit.  If I were to buy a Twins jersey (unlikely, since I’m Tigers fan), I would probably buy the blue.  I’m a big fan of the new road jersey and throwback jersey as well.  Overall, some classy duds.

    5. Rob² said...

      Given the new outdoor park, the Twins may want to bring back the wool flannels for April and October.  Maybe even make the jersey a sweater.

      I agree, the red pinstripes were lame, but a dark gray pinstripe may have looked quite a bit better.

    6. alskor said...

      Shouldn’t they be making long sleeve versions…?

      Agree on blue alternate/not matching. Makes them look like a softball team.

    7. Jim C said...

      I’d like to go back in time, when the racist Calvin Griffith moved the team from Washington DC to the whitest place he could find. Some owners wanted to make Griffith take the expansion team, and keep the swiftly improving Nats in DC. That’s what should have happened. As to the unis, they look ok, but we all know the real reason these things are changed every few years is so that MLB properties can make more $$$.

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