Nix to neutral sites

Bud Selig: “Very well, if that is the way the winds are blowing, let no one say I don’t also blow:

Last year’s World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays was interrupted by torrential rain and cold weather in Philadelphia.

Would Selig consider shifting the World Series to a neutral warm-weather city or domed stadium as the NFL does with the Super Bowl?

“Not as long as I’m commissioner,” he said. “Look, can you imagine the Cubs or the White Sox getting in a World Series and telling the people of Chicago that they have to go to San Diego? It’s not possible.

“Part of the charm of fighting to get into the World Series is having the lasting memories from playing in front of your fans in your own ballpark.”

OK, cheap shot at Selig inasmuch as I don’t think he is anywhere on record responding favorably to those idiotic neutral site ideas from last fall. But you have to admit, if the groundswell were greater than just Buster Olney and some other neutral site deadenders, he’d be all over it.

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  1. Juke Early said...

    ESPN Radio Mike & Mike said Selig makes 18 million a year. That better be 18 million phone calls, because if it’s USD, then he is over paid by $17,965,000.00. WTF does he do for that amount of cake? he sure ain’t spending any of it on his hair & wardrobe.

    If I only knew a shill could make that much, I’d have majored in it at Brewer U. He should be a MAD mag cover boy. He approved the Wild Card? what a genius. A huge Bronx Cheer for Bud.

  2. Richard in Dallas said...

    Looks like ol’ Bud is looking for a reason that he should remain Commisioner.  Who’d have thought that all he had to do was instill fear in the real fans of the game…..  And OK, the door is WAY too wide open.  Bud, you don’t not blow….

  3. MooseinOhio said...

    Here’s my suggestion if people really want to push the neutral field issue and it will require thinking really big and a little crazy.

    MLB should buy a island, or build one Dubai style, in the Caribbean and establish it as a baseball haven.  Develop it in the style of Disney World and make the entire island a place to promote and enjoy baseball.  Establish theme areas (e.g. Old Timer’s Village w/games played in costume), developed a Global baseball exhibit, build an baseball themed amusement area and of course have lots of baseball fields to play and watch the game.

    Host the WS there every year as well as the WBC and other baseball events (e.g. Caribbean series).  Of course the island would have the infrastructure (e.g. hotels, restaurants) to handle such events and would have beautiful beaches and other fun activities but mainly be a place to enjoy baseball.

    I’m done dreaming and thanks for indulging my little fantasy.  Since my dilusion is now public if Baseball Land ever come to pass I will be suing MLB for stealing my idea and y’all can be witnesses to support my case.  There could be a room with a view in it for your support.  Damn I think I may have just offered a bribe for testimony – is there a lawyer in the house?

  4. Richard in Dallas said...

    Unfortualetly, there’s ALWAYS a lawyer in the house.  Thankfully, it’s not me.  Moose, when the mushrooms wear off, maybe we can just sed Bud to the island you speak of in its undveloped state, with a bucket and a spoon, and HE can get started on this project.  If he’s unable to do it himself, maybe Scott Boras can help…..

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