No Hooters in Rome

A one-acre site in front of the Rome Braves’ stadium was supposed to be a Hooters, but it looks like that’s not happening:

The acre of land in front of State Mutual Stadium that was to be the new Hooters restaurant is in foreclosure and will be sold at auction May 5 at the Floyd County Courthouse.

A security deed dated Nov. 28, 2007, lists John Hopkins as managing member of Ballpark Holdings LLC, the entity in default on a loan secured by the property. The deed lists the property address as “1.01 acres on Veterans Memorial Bypass.”

You’d think that someone could step in — some white knight, as it were — to save this worthy development. If only there were someone who had an interest in both the health of the Braves’ organization and Hooters’ restaurants.

What, you were thinking Darren Daulton?

Yeah, I know that’s a lot of Braves hate so early in the day. I can’t help it. Series against the Marlins always put me in a foul mood.

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  1. J. McCann said...

    I’m turning 40 later this month, and could have my birthday party anywhere I want.

    I told my wife it has to be Hooters, and they are not easy to find in the NYC area either.

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